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17 New Rap Artists I Can't Get Enough Of Right Now

A few new artists to throw into your playlist this year!

In honor of 50 years of hip-hop, here are 17 new artists to keep your eye on this year. Now, this is a list of NEW artists (at least to me), so if you know any of these artists, great, you're tapped in; if not, then this is for sure the list for you.

1. Reggie

Reggie posing for his music video Avalanche

2. Larry June

Larry June sitting for his music video Wait on Me

3. BabyTron

BabyTron recording in the studio

4. Zack Fox

Zack Fox standing in his music video "Holdin On"

5. SoFaygo

SoFaygo rapping in his music video "Going Back"

6. Bfb Da Packman

Bfb Da Packman rapping in a music video

7. Remble

Remble in his music video "Touchable"

8. BlueBucksClan

DJ and Jeezy on set of their music video "Hate It Here"

9. Seafood Sam

Seafood Sam on set of his music video "Roca Bye Baby"

10. Stove God Cooks

Stove God Cooks rapping on set of his music video "That's the Game"

11. Rome Streetz

Rome Streetz posing for his music video "Heart on Froze"

12. Armani Caesar

Armani Caesar in her music video "Diana"

13. Boldy James

Boldy James smiling in his music video "Flag on the play"

14. LaRussell

LaRussell posing in a music video

15. Foggieraw

Foggieraw in his music video "Psalm 62"

16. Tanna Leone

Tanna Leone getting his hair braided in his music video "Nirvana"

17. Central Cee

Central Cee at the Brit Awards

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