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    • jimg24

      Lol! It’s hilarious to see how badly some people need to belittle or berate themselves and to what lengths they will go to do so… Like complaining aboutamap that centers on the host country (usually printed so for the sake of convenience) and how unfair it is to the other side of the world (who don’t use America-centric maps anyway). Or like trying to take it to the other extreme and adoptingamap that suggests that Africa is almost as big as Asia and Europe combined (when in fact Eurasia is almost twice the size of Africa) or that South America is larger than North America (tracing paper will prove that for you in virtually no time). If you want accuracy, tryaglobe. They only cost about $10 at Walmart. If you don’t haveaWalmart, try runningasearch for Goode’s Homolosine projection map. It is considerably more accurate when it comes to sizes than the Gall-Peters projection. And if you would rather forgo accuracy for economy, you could just shut up and use what you are given. Yup, sheep are funny. Especially when they follow blindly in an attempt to be rebellious. LOL!

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