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    • jimf15

      There are several books (you can find them on Amazon) compiled by Gavin Edwards that contain misheard song lyrics. The first book is called “‘Scuse Me WhileIKiss This Guy,” the second, “WhenaMan LovesaWalnut,” the third, “He’s Got the Whole World in His Pants.” He didaChristmas song edition also.Ihad the pleasure of getting some misheard lyrics in the third book (some from me, some from family & friends).Ithought Devo was saying “Tatoo Detective” instead of “Try to Detect It” in their song “Whip It.”Iassure my misheard ones are real, but it’s up to you to believe or not, but it’s so much fun to listen to the song later and try not to hear the wrong words. One that didn’t come from me, but songs exactly like the wrong choice is “I’maPool-Hall Ace” instead of “How My Poor Heart Aches” from The Police song “Every Breath You Take.” Whether the author of this article knows of this book is unknown, but once it’s out there, hey, party!

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