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People Completely Lost Their Shit When Aaron Rodgers Made That Pass

Rodgers threw the pass just as the Cardinals were about to win Saturday night. The pass forced the game into overtime, and the Cardinals were ultimately victorious.

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On Saturday night, Green Bay Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers threw the Hail Mary of all Hail Marys at the very end of his game against the Arizona Cardinals.

And all the way in the end zone, Jeff Janis caught the pass. The Cardinals had been on the verge of winning, but the pass pushed the game into overtime. Here's the pass again:

And then pretty much everyone freaked the fuck out. The NFL lost control:

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All of these people lost it:

Pretty much the collective jaw of the entire U.S.A. dropped all at once.

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The Cardinals went on to win the game in overtime 26 to 20. But damn, that pass!

You have to be kidding... the hail mary play

Rodgers also threw another incredible pass in December against the Detroit Lions. That pass also came at the end of the game and ended up tipping it in the Packers favor.