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9 Things We Saw At The Donald Trump Rally In North Carolina

The presumptive Republican presidential nominee spoke Tuesday night in Greensboro, North Carolina. An over-capacity crowd of supporters showed up, as well as 60 to 70 protesters.

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1. A shirt that read "Hillary sucks but not like Monica."

Several men were walking through the parking lot of the Greensboro Coliseum Complex selling these T-shirts, which said "Trump that bitch" on the back. The shirts were among the significant amount of Trump-themed (but mostly bootleg) merchandise for sale outside the rally.

2. This young woman being taken into custody by police.

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Police did not immediately respond to a BuzzFeed News request for the total number of arrests Tuesday night, but at least three people could be seen being taken into custody by officers.

3. A poop emoji protest sign.

Jim Dalrymple II / BuzzFeed News

The sign was the work of Amelia Poovey. The reverse side of the sign read "chump."

Poovey was protesting with Adam Casey, left, who when asked why he came out said Trump is "an orange shambling bag of carbon and water."

4. A whole bunch of drummers.

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The drummers marched with the anti-Trump group.


6. An actual undecided voter.

Jim Dalrymple II / BuzzFeed News

Judy Helms hadn't decided who to vote for and avoided following the primaries. But, with the two nominations essentially clinched, she was looking to choose her candidate.

Helms wistfully noted that she wasn't particularly happy with either candidate, adding that health care and national security were among the issues that matter most to her.

"It'd be nice if there was some unity," she said, "like in the old days."

7. This sign, that...had a lot going on.

Jim Dalrymple II / BuzzFeed News

The man holding the sign, who asked only to be identified as Jason, said he and a group of other people came to the rally to "keep the peace" and "protect the First Amendment."

Like other members of the group, Jason declined to give his opinion about the candidates and said that he didn't care if demonstrators were liberal or conservative, as long as they remained peaceful. When asked what he would do if violence did break out, Jason said If someone attacked a member of his group, "there will be an extreme amount of violence."

9. A police officer toting what looked like a PepperBall gun.

Jim Dalrymple / BuzzFeed News

Aside from a few arrests, the protest was fairly peaceful compared to other recent demonstrations that have taken place outside Trump rallies.

Law enforcement officers also appeared to be well-prepared for greater unrest Tuesday, with at least one armed with what appeared to be a pepper spray projectile launcher.

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