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    • jimbosw8

      No it’s not the same, and when so many of us consider the original 53 episodes to be zenith of television any change is going to be criticised. There will never be a true fourth season of Arrested Development, and that’s ok. It does not diminish what Hurwitz has achieved with this new season. Nobody has made a television series like this before. For being comprehensible at all, it ought to garner praise. Looking at it objectively, comparing it to today’s television - it is very strong. I doubt I will enjoy a series as this year as much as I have enjoyed AD.  The new series is a victim of its own success. If there is no more AD, I won’t be sad. If there is, I’ll be happy. If it were to return again, I expect it would be different once more. I think that AD could survive almost any format change because at the medium was never what made it special. The show was special because it spoke to its audience honestly, without patronising the audience making easy choices. I hope more shows can learn from what made AD great.

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