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13 New Ways To Drink Bourbon

Sooooo a bourbon, soda and peach iced tea could very well be my new favourite summer beverage. 😅

When you're out with your mates, it's important to make sure you're still practising social distancing and following the restrictions made by your state in order to keep you, and the people around you, safe. Remember to always drink responsibly when enjoying your summer.

We’re all privy to a late night Beam and cola. But there's actually a heap of other mixes and occasions bourbon is perfect for. So, if you’re keen to try something a little different this summer enjoy a Beam…

1. At a BBQ with mates after you get sick of drinking beer or wine.

Group of friends hanging around a BBQ in the fading sun

2. By the pool on a hot summer’s day while working on your tan.

Sun glittering on a pool as someone relaxes on a floatie

3. With peach iced tea for the ultimate summer refreshment.

Two highball glasses filled with ice, a light gold liquid garnished with peach slices

4. To celebrate your favourite song coming on, which let's face it, is always the highlight of a party.

Group of people crowded around a phone smiling and laughing

5. When you’re feeling a bit parched and want something to quench your thirst while still keeping you buzzed.

Three highball glasses filled with ice and liquid all garnished with a slice of lemon

6. After Christmas Day lunch to offer up as an alternative to wine for those top-shelf drinkers.

Top down shot of colourful cocktails garnished with beautiful fruit, rosemary and flowers

7. When you finally have all your interstate friends back in the one place and know you’ll need something extra special to commemorate the moment.

Group of friends by the pool all raising their glasses to cheers each other

8. When you're after something simple, but you still want a great tasting and easy-to-drink bev.

Two highball glasses filled with ice and liquid, garnished with lime and lemon next to a Jim Beam bottle

9. To bring as a sweetener to dinner with your in-laws (or prospective in-laws).

Couple hugs while talking to other people next to a table laden with food

10. Sitting in the boot of a car at a festival (when they start back up again) enjoying a D&M with your bestie.

Two girls sitting in a boot smiling and chatting to each other

11. On New Year’s Eve when you’re in need of a celebratory taste to bring in the year with.

People holding up sparklers in front of a dying sunset

12. Around a campfire with a group of friends watching the sun set on your next camping trip.

Group of people sitting around a camp fire

13. And finally, while enjoying the beautiful views of your new favourite summer hangout spot.

Top down shot of people sitting on a rock sunbathing next to the ocean

Revive your tastebuds this summer with a tipple of Jim Beam Bourbon that you can drink "any damn way you please".