11 Reasons Prohibition Was Actually The Best

Don’t believe everything you were taught. There’s a reason they call ‘em the roaring ’20s. Brought to you by Jim Beam® Bourbon, making history since 1795.

1. Cocktails parties were very in vogue.

Who needs the club when you’re this fabulous in the living room?

2. If you did decide to go out, you had serious location options.

Officials estimate there were 100,000 active speakeasies in New York City alone. That’s compared to the measly 2,000 bars open in the city today.

3. And every single speakeasy was super cool and exclusive because it had to keep everything on the down low.

Angie Garrett / CC BY http://2.0 / Via Flickr: smoorenburg

Just step into the barbershop and ask ‘em to “keep it short on top.” They’ll know what you mean.

4. There weren't any lines outside the best clubs.

CrunchyLens / CC BY-SA http://2.0 / Via Flickr: crunchylens

You’re looking at the hottest joint in town – and no occupancy limit.

5. And without taxation, a drink cost only pennies.

$25 credit card minimums? HA HA. Nope.

6. The entire decade is remembered as "roaring," so parties must have been off the chain.

There was just no party like a prohibition party.

7. People were way classier back then than they are now.

8. Back then, men were dapper, women were glamorous…


9. …and they really danced with each other.


To be clear: grinding is not dancing.

10. Best of all: No one wasted time flirting.

Ya gotta love a girl who gets to the point.

11. And even though you always had to watch your back…

…and keep a low profile…

…you always had a great story to tell at the bar the next night.

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