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17 GIFs History Will Never Forget

These GIFs will live on throughout the ages. Make history with Jim Beam® Bourbon.

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1. This was the dog slap heard round the world.

2. This is the greatest fail to have ever fell:

3. Analysts agree this sloth has reached the epitome of chill:

4. This is the most awkward kiss in the history of mankind:

5. This goose made the books as the boldest creature ever:

6. This sea of one thousand Shake Weights will jiggle forever behind our eyelids:

7. Scholars consider the treadmill 360 a modern marvel:

8. This is the most anyone has ever had to deal with:

9. History will remember this red panda as the most scared creature to have ever been scared:

10. This tank driving over an entire roll of bubble wrap will go down as the most satisfying thing ever:

11. The greatest discovery in the history of man was not a man at all:

12. This Martian panorama is the pinnacle of mobile photography:

13. The most haters who were ever gonna hate hated this the most:

14. This flying cat will soar across space and time:

15. This is the most a bro has ever not come.

16. There is little debate that bees were the best surprise gift of all time:

17. And these dashing corgis will run forever:


And ever. And ever. And ever. And ever.

Make your stamp on history.


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