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10 Ingenius Ways To Leave The Office Early

Shh! You didn't hear it from us. Make history on opening day this year. Brought to you by Jim Beam® Bourbon, making history since 1795.

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2. Create a decoy.

grey_pumpkin / CC BY http://2.0 / Via Flickr: grey_pumpkin

"Tina's been sitting completely still in the break room for over two hours. Also all her hair fell out. I think something is wrong. We should give her some space."

3. Let the cat out of the bag.

Put your cat in your briefcase or bag. When the time is right, release it, then say the following: "My goodness! My cat snuck inside my bag this morning, and I didn't even realize! Ha ha! Wow! I better take this little guy home right now!"

7. Fake an illness... in office.


Calling in sick doesn't fool anybody. Instead, come to work, then head to the bathroom with "some kind of food poisoning." Spend the morning emailing from the stall trying to "troop it out." Your boss will tell you to go home by lunch.

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