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    12 Reasons Why Pulp Were The True Champions Of Britpop

    Oasis? Blur? Naaaaahhh.

    1. They were impossible to hate

    2. They really put the hours in

    3. They had a girl on keyboards

    4. They dressed like hipsters before hipsters were even invented

    5. Russell Senior's eyes

    6. Jarvis Cocker: Lyrical genius and filthy get

    7. You felt like you could be in their gang

    8. They were arty without being pretentious

    9. They pissed off SmugCheeseMonger Alex James from Blur

    10. The Brits incident

    11. They put a naughty diagram on one of their single sleeves and caused middle England to shit themselves

    12. They stepped in and saved Glastonbury 1995