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    Oct 2, 2019

    7 Group Halloween Costumes For 2019

    It's time to get ~spooky~ with your favorite characters, memes, and cultural icons from this year.

    1. The Stranger Things kids

    Vox / Via

    Between Eleven's iconic looks this season to the Scoops uniforms to Emily's flashlight helmet, this costume will definitely get recognized.

    2. Your Favorite Democratic Candidates

    Vox / Via

    Warren, Sanders, Biden, Buttigieg, Harris, the list is never ending! Pull out your power suit and rock that campaign memorabilia. This a perfect group costume for you and 18 of your closest friends.

    3. Charlie’s Angels

    Forbes / Via

    Jane, Sabina, and Elena have some iconic looks, and you might even be able to utilize your own wardrobe to pull this off. Don't forget to strike a pose!

    4. The Baby Shark Family

    Nickelodeon / Via

    Get the whole family involved with this costume!

    5. Whiteclaws

    Haly Brill on Pinterest / Via

    Ain't no laws when you're dressed as claws. Go as the variety pack and put the person you like the least in the lime outfit.

    6. VSCO Girls

    PopBuzz / Via

    Grab your scrunchies, fill your hydroflasks, and put on your finest big tees and friendship bracelets. Oh, and don't forget your catchphrase: "Sksksk and I oop"

    7. The Addams Family

    Costume Works / Via

    Celebrate the fact that your favorite creepy family is back in theaters. This is truly the perfect combination of spooky and stylish.

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