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Made In The A.M. Songs: An Indisputable Ranking

How much is too much One Direction? Trick question. The limit does not exist.

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16. Drag Me Down

Still perfection, just not as novel as the rest.

15. Hey Angel

I DO wish I could be more like you, One Direction.

14. Infinity

Is this how long the hiatus will go on for? Please no :(

13. Love You Goodbye

Very curious what she wore to walk out of their lives? Crocs? They're better off tbh.

7. What a Feeling

Kind of feel like 1D transported me to the 70's. Not mad about it.

6. If I Could Fly

I feel like they have enough private jet access that they basically can fly.

4. Olivia

Quite certain this is about a cat. Taylor's or Gemma's. Not positive which.

Actually, slight chance it's about Matt Bellassai.

2. Wolves

Wild imagery. But seriously, probably the catchiest song on the album.

1. History

Mandatory to clap along, even if you're on the bus. Brb going to go cry about how there is no tour and we can't all clap along together :(

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