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Is This Instagram Account The Ultimate Relationship Goal?

Meet Robert and Christina, the Arizona-based bloggers behind New Darlings. They're here to give you unrealistically high relationship goals with their charming life.

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When together, everyday looks like an engagement photo shoot. / Via Instagram: @newdarlings

Except they're already married.

They love dancing together. / Via @newdarlings

But mostly together.

Getting down with nature.

They host Mad Men-esque cocktail parties that will make your eyes water.

They have picnics in matching moccasins. / Via @newdarlings

They go plant shopping like it's date night.

Because Christina loves plants.

Probably because she's secretly a whimsical garden fairy. / Via @newdarlings

On a lazy morning, Robert and Christina are cuddling in a bed nicer than all of ours.

Don't mind their camera tripod. This is a beautiful moment.

You can catch them "500 Days of Summer"-style admiring vinyl at the local record store.

More often than not, they'll bring one home. / Via @newdarlings

*Simultaneous AWWWW*

You may stumble upon them sneaking kisses in a cafe. / Via @newdarlings

Ukulele serenades are just a piece of their daily routine.

Just holding this cactus and listening to my hubs.

Usually a song end with a tight embrace. / Via @newdarlings

Robert and Christina also have a beguiling sense of adventure.

They get lost in New York City.

And found in the deep woods of their hearts.

Everything about them is pretty amazing. Even their shadows are enchanting.

You can say what you want about their Kinfolk subscription.

You can wonder about their peculiar stuffed animals.

Yes, they're bride and groom foxes.

But THIS captured happiness says it all. It's the warm-fuzzy love we all hope to find. / Via @newdarlings

And warm-fuzzy love calls for confetti.

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