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    • jillianb16

      I’m a singer-songwriter, and when my grandparents were visiting recently I was really excited to tell my grandpa that I had managed to weasel my way into meeting one of my favorite musicians, that we had started emailing material back and forth, and that he was helping me develop my songs more. My grandpa’s response was simply “yeah and once he sleeps with you, you’ll never hear from him again.” I didn’t even have a response. I just had to walk away.  There has never been even an ounce of unprofessionalism between us. And other than meeting once, we’ve only communicated through email whenever I have a new song.  I would never be naive enough to risk my career on something so stupid. I’m pretty good at judging when someone has ulterior motives, and I don’t put myself in those kind of situations. I work too hard for that bullshit.  I couldn’t believe my grandpa would say something so incredibly disrespectful and sexist.

    • jillianb16

      I work at a dancehall. One night while I was working the outside bar, I had a guy that would not leave me alone. We don’t line our bar tops with stools, in order to keep the traffic flowing, so he actually grabbed a chair from the patio and sat down next to me all night long. He wasn’t even drinking, so it’s not even like I could grin and bear it with the hope of getting a big tip. He just kept talking out of his ass, and asking me for cigarettes and my number the whole damn night.  While I was still bartending at a Mexican restaurant, we had this lady who was a regular and a massive bitch. She was never satisfied with anything, and incredibly racist. (Why come to a Mexican restaurant every other day if you hate Mexicans so much?!) I was one of the few white people working there at the time, but she still would even make me uncomfortable. One day right before I quit she told my manager I would never be able hold an intelligent conversation with a guest because I didn’t read the local newspaper- mind you I actually lived 2 towns over. She was a total alcoholic, so I got a small pleasure out of giving her super weak well drinks and charging her for the top shelf doubles she always ordered though.

    • jillianb16

      This is definitely different from what she has previously done, and it’s good, but it is not country. I can’t imagine ever hearing this played on a country music station. Acoustic guitar does not make a song country. This feels more like acoustic pop with a little bit of folky influence; it’s style has similarities that remind me of songs like “Riptide” and “Cigarette Song.” It’s refreshing a to hear artists like this doing something other than the typical impersonal, over-produced songs that have taken over our radio stations. Not bad Rihanna!

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