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153 Thoughts I Had While Watching "Finding Dory"


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1. Yes! I forgot about Pixar's shorts!

2. That pig is adorable

3. Ok, nvm, it's a trailer

4. Ok, those waves look super realistic

5. I'm gonna cry by the end of this short, I just know it

6. What a sneaky momma bird!

7. Oh no, Piper!

8. What type of bird is that?

9. Wow, that underwater shot is beautiful!

10. That baby bird is my hero

11. Omg, a post-credits scene!!

12. I want that desk lamp

13. Omg, baby Dory

14. Dory's dad is hilarious

15. Dory and ADHD?

16. Foreshadowing by mini Dory

17. Omg, she's so tiny!

18. Are these fish stupid? Her parents are obviously blue

19. And the quest to find Dory begins

20. #justkeepswimming

21. I want Ellen to start talking

22. Wow, the ocean is unfriendly

23. Omg, Finding Nemo throwback

24. Did they remake that clip from the original movie?

25. Is Dory's bed is supposed to look like a brain?

26. Logic flaw, Marlin. Nemo WAS the first

27. Ellen should be a teacher

28. Birds and bees, ocean style

29. I wanna ride on that school bus

30. After such a traumatic experience, Nemo sure seems to have recovered...

31. Finding Dory: Days of Future Past

32. Where in the ocean are they supposed to be?

33. I think he knows what it's like to miss someone

34. Wow, 15 minutes in and this movie has actually been sorta sad

35. I love the turtles! / Via

35. I love the turtles!

36. This looks unfriendly...

37. This is cool how she keeps remembering little bits

38. Wtf is that thing?

39. Oh my god

40. And that's why you don't litter in the ocean

41. Who voices Marlin? I totally can't remember

42. What? Is this a 'butt' cameo?

43. This is literally a repeat of Finding Nemo now

44. Eww

45. Oh, she's been tagged

46. Ok, I already love the septopus

47. All I hear is Jay from Modern Family / Via

47. All I hear is Jay from Modern Family

48. Now, Hank, it's not nice to take advantage of people

49. Does Sigourney Weaver really endorse a fish hospital?

50. No way, Dory actually was in the exhibit!

51. That is one oblivious trainer

52. Does every creature here have some sort of problem?

53. Oh yay, the return of whale talk!

54. #pipepals

55. Omg, Phil Dunphy! / Via

55. Omg, Phil Dunphy!

56. Ocean knowledge, courtesy of Pixar

57. Omg, Hank!

58. This is a great show for the tourists at the whale shark exhibit

59. Is Dory an only child?

60. That bird is hideous

61. Becky is high maintenance

62. Nemo will never let Marlin forget that Dory insult, will he?

63. I'm calling it - Becky will become a surrogate daughter

64. Poor Gerald!

65. I totally wanna visit this aquarium!

66. Poor Hank probs has ocean PTSD

67. He's trusting her to remember it?

68. So much for Becky

69. Oh no, Nemo and Marlin!

70. Seriously, how much did Sigourney Weaver pay to be name dropped in this movie?

71. Uh oh, kid zone!

72. Great. Now she lost Hank!

73. I will never look at touch pools that same way again

74. Super sad thought - how long do blue tangs live?

75. #justkeepswimming

76. That's a surefire way to lose another tentacle

77. Wow, why didn't he ink up earlier?

78. Oh man, I forgot about Nemo and Marlin!

79. #WWDD - my new mantra

80. That fountain hopping sounded good in theory

81. This clam sounds rehearsed

82. His pearl looks like a tongue piercing

83. I'm getting how Dory learned all her fun facts - so when did she learn to read all the exhibits?

84. Aww, Hank blushed!

85. Don't go, Hank

86. I bet they aren't in the exhibit - that would be too easy

87. Dory, back at it with the social skills

88. Was Dory born in captivity?

89. Wait, how did Dory leave the exhibit in the first place?

90. Look, another brain house!

91. Huh! The purple shell

92. Oh no, what's up with her parents?!

93. Impressive - they mimic the undertow in that aquarium

94. Maybe she'll be reunited with Hank in Cleveland, too

95. Ok, this is driving anywhere

96. Wow, Bailey's a mean coach!

97. Don't bail on her, Bailey!

98. Omg, ocean Cerebro

99. What's in the pipes??

100. Oh, it's them!

101. Dory is definitely the hero of this franchise

102. Cue "Fight Song" lyrics / Via

102. Cue "Fight Song" lyrics

103. I never realized how the sound of water follows them in every scene...

104. Does Dory have extended family?

105. Yay, it's Hank!

106. 5 minute countdown

107. Do they remember Dory?

108. She was too busy finding Nemo to find Jenny and Charlie :(

108. Who's perspective is this?

109. Are we back in the real ocean now?

110. Not to be nitpicky, but this movie should be called "Finding Everyone Dory Remembers"

111. Poor Dory is so discouraged, until she remembers #WWDD!

112. Kelp, I need somebody. Kelp! (I'm sorry)

113. Shit - are those her parents?!

114. Kelpcake. Ha

115. "Dory, Dory, don't you dare be sorry"

116. Why does this seem suspiciously like a dream?

117. Wow, Dory looks super young

118. Oh shoot, now it's Finding Nemo again!

119. Hey, we've come full circle!

120. Yay, break free!

121. Don't get used to it, Gerald

122. I want a cute otter, too!

123. We don't have time for these Dory family moments, we have a truck to stop!

124. Becky to the rescue!

125. Moral of the story: everything happens for a reason

126. #release

127. Shit, they took too long

128. Bailey needs some better 'glasses'

129. #release!

130. Suck it, bipeds!

131. If an octopus can predict the World Cup, who says a septopus shouldn't drive?

132. Is that a Nalgene bottle? / Via

132. Is that a Nalgene bottle?

133. The seagulls! I forgot about that part!

134. This reminds me of a scene from Date Night! / Via

134. This reminds me of a scene from Date Night!

135. And now it's like Inception! / Via

135. And now it's like Inception!

136. Odd song choice...

137. Hey, they got their rock back!

138. Nice try, Sigourney, there already are the Three R's!

139. How did no one find the whale shark?

140. Wait, how did they get back home?

141. I can't get a good read on this Dory-Marlin relationship

142. Hmm, underwhelming ending - let's hope the bonus scene redeems it

143. Wow, that was short! I forgot that not all movies are 2+ hours long

144. Did this really need to be in 3D? (I mean, I would have seen it regardless, but still)

145. Wait. Pixar doesn't always do post-credits scenes, do they? How many have I been missing out on over the years?? (I sure hope I'm wrong about this!)

146. Mark Zuckerbrow is an assistant producer (so close!)

147. Man, my favorite characters were definitely Bailey and Destiny!

148. Production babies? That's so cool!

149. I wonder who they'd make the next movie about? Gerald?

150. No way, look who it is!

151. I did NOT see that coming! Threequel in the works? I can't wait 13 more years!

152. #worthit

153. I sure do love me a good cameo

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