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15 Things Only Students Who Have Ever Done An OSCE Will Understand

So much fear in four little letters.

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1. You either spend the entire night before the OSCE stressing or cramming

2. You've lost track of all the different knots and suture patterns you've learned

I tie my shoes with a quick-release now, tbh.

I tie my shoes with a quick-release now, tbh.

3. You realize that ~120 hours of lab are assessed in only two or three exams per year

4. You enter each station with so much potential...

5. ...and you leave feeling like this

6. You try to keep your cool while reading the station scenario

7. Despite all your preparations, this usually happens

8. Live animal stations always pop up when you least expect them

9. OSCE brain is a real and diagnosable condition

The shirt every vet student needs

The shirt every vet student needs

10. Stress often induces the tendency to ramble to examiners

"6 x 4, that's 22, right?"

"6 x 4, that's 22, right?"

11. You feel extremely unprepared when skills from previous years show up on the current exam

12. You've given up trying to beat the system

13. Your profs tell you that OSCEs help prepare you for real life out in clinics

14. You never know if the examiner is smiling because 1) you totally nailed it, 2) you completely screwed up without even realizing it, or 3) they're trying to hide the fact that your performance is causing them to die a little inside


15. Enough said

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