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10 Awesome YouTube Channels For Movie Lovers

In no particular order

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1. Screen Junkies

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Apart from Honest Trailers, which is easily the most popular segment on this channel, there are also several other worthy videos to explore here, including a hilarious annual recap of the Oscars hosted by Hal Rudnick and the always-entertaining Movie Fights segment, which is pretty much exactly as it sounds.

2. Screen Junkies News

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This is the go-to channel if you want to stay up-to-date on all things movie-related. Publishing multiple breaking news videos a day, in addition to interviews and reviews (both spoiler-free and spoiler-filled) of the latest movies, Screen Junkies News can keep you entertained for hours a day if you let it!

3. How It Should Have Ended (HISHE)

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Ever sit through a fantastic movie only to feel extremely disappointed by how it ended? The creative team behind HISHE rights all those wrongs by recreating the endings (and some other pivotal scenes as well) to all sorts of movies that maybe would've been better off if they'd just made a couple little changes to their final scenes...

4. CinemaSins

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Thanks to CinemaSins, movies will never again be able to get away with polluting our screens with nonsensical, inaccurate, or just plain annoying clips ever again! The Movie Sin Counter is a fun part of every video that keeps track of all the transgressions for you.


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This is the channel to subscribe to if you're interested in hundreds of movie-related lists (and some other topics, too), with topics ranging from "Top 10 Awesome Action Scenes in Comedies" to "Top 10 Movie Characters with Mommy or Daddy Issues". If you can think of a topic, they've probably made a video list about it.

6. CineFix

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This is perhaps the most creative and unique channel on this list. Some of CineFix's offerings include a whole collection of movie trailers that have been reworked to fit a different genre (like "Deadpool" recut as an Oscar-worthy drama), a "What's the Difference?" segment that looks at a movie or TV show next to its source material, and my personal fav, 8-Bit Cinema, where popular movies are transformed to look like old school arcade games!

7. Andre "Black Nerd"

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If you're looking for someone to gush about an awesome or terrible movie you just saw, look no further! Andre Meadows, the man behind "Black Nerd Comedy", does this perfectly, with oodles of personality and enthusiasm to boot. You'll want to bring him to the movies with you every time from now on!

8. Movie Mistakes

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Movies are huge productions that can involve anywhere from hundreds to thousands of people, and with that many brains, it's more than likely that there are gonna be some errors and discrepancies in the finished product. This is the channel to go to whenever you see something in a movie that's just a little bit off--chances are the people at Movie Mistakes caught it, too.

9. Dimitri Bitu

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This smaller-scale channel is a true YouTube hidden gem. The creator has dozens of videos showcasing side-by-side comparisons for all those times when movies have suspiciously similar-looking scenes, like when young Magneto was shown being taken away from his mother in "X-Men" and again in "X-Men: First Class". He also has comparisons showing a movie's B-roll beside its finished product, and the results will blow you away!

10. Bad Lip Reading

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And finally, this is the channel to go to whenever you just wanna hear absolutely ridiculous words come out of the mouths of your favourite movie characters! If you're interested, there's also a collection of NFL-themed Bad Lip Readings!

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