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    • jilld3

      Meh. Keep in mind TNG was a product of the early 90s, and considered light years ahead of the Original Series. I mean, what little girl doesn’t want to grow up, bust her butt to get on a star ship, just to “feel” people’s feelings while running around in a body snug uniform? LOL, male fantasy is funny. But I digress. Why any woman gives a shit anymore what this craptastic culture thinks of her, is even more amusing. I mean, Star Trek is now replaced with Family Guy. Stay classy, America.

    • jilld3

      Right. And when the pretty titties have to get lopped off, they ain’t so jerk-offable anymore, and dude moves on. Please,finish the commercial and call it for what it really is - soft porn. This is the only way men prefer to view women, and of course only young women. Show them a video of 55 year old grandmother, or a bald 38 year old mother of two dying in a hospital. How about a flash of a single father raising young children on his own. Its called humanity, for fuck sakes. Try it sometime.

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