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11 Ridiculous Events With No Explanations That No One Ever Questions On "Pretty Little Liars"

Rosewood is chock full of common occurrences, like manslaughter. If you constantly find yourself in completely unrealistic situations like this, check out the PSA at the bottom and find out how you can get help.

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1. After someone drives a cop car into Hanna’s garage completely undetected, Hanna pushes the abandoned car across town and into a lake.

People push huge hunking chunks of metal into lakes all the time. No one even knows.

2. In one night, Emily gets locked in a cabin in the woods, almost gets herself and her girlfriend killed, then cold-blood murders a guy in a lighthouse.

3. Aria convinced a twenty-something year old man that she was in college. She was like…14. After finding out she was in his high school class, he CONTINUED TO DATE HER.


5. Spencer ruins not one of her sister’s engagements, but TWO of them. How old is Melissa even? Who gets engaged that often?

And Spencer claims to have lost her virginity to Toby – she didn’t even BANG those losers.


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And finally, if the show isn't unrealistic enough, here is The Official Pretty Little Liars PSA video. If you're dishonest, uncomfortably goodlooking, and get yourself into situations like the 11 aforementioned... Call 1-800-IM-A-PLL now.

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