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Joggling (Jogging While Juggling) Is A Real Thing

Could you run 26.2 miles while juggling balls in the air?

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Running 26.2 miles is hard enough, but could you run 26.2 miles while juggling the entire time?

That's what jogglers do. Joggling (jogging and juggling) is a real sport that a bunch of real people compete in.

Here's the rules:

1. You must juggle at least three balls constantly.

2. If a ball drops, the runner must return to the drop-spot and resume the race from there.

From there, people can get creative, using more than three balls, or clubs, or even knives (though that is discouraged). But most jogglers just use beanbags stuffed with bird seed. / Via

This is Jack Hirschowitz. He joggles 10 hours a week and is a total badass because at 67, he's about to become the oldest person ever to joggle the New York City marathon. He attended his first International Jugglers' Association (again, real thing) festival in 1998, though the group has been around since 1981. He's got 20 or 30 gold medals from the World Joggling Competition, he says.

This is Canadian Michael Kapral. He's the Guinness-world-record-holder for fastest joggled marathon, with a record time of 2 hours, 50 minutes, and 12 seconds. But there's a whole bunch of jogglers out there joggling madly through the streets.

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World Juggling Day was on June 16 this year, and includes short and long-distance joggling races. These people are all about joggling.

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Are you going to take up joggling as a hobby? Here's an inspirational video to help get you started.

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Just try not to end up like this.

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