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47 Telltale Signs You Went On Semester At Sea

1,000 people, 3 months, and one incredible voyage around the world that you'll never forget.

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1. The MV Explorer was your home for three months.

And forever, in your heart

2. You got VERY cozy with your roommate.

And pretended to be asleep if she had any "visitors"

4. You had class in rooms like this.

But class always paused if someone spotted a whale outside...

8. You never knew what day of the week it was, but always knew whether it was an A day or B day.

9. You studied outside whenever you could (because you'd be crazy to study inside).

Though, let's be honest, you didn't do much studying.

11. You felt special when a crew member knew your name and said hello.

13. You lived for pub night and collected your wine for three days in a Nalgene until you could actually get drunk off it.

14. You lost an hour every night as the ship headed east and you turned into a zombie.

15. You saw Captain Jeremy dressed up as King Neptune on Neptune Day...

18. You were the tannest you've ever been and ever will be.

Which is probably for the best.

19. You "worked out" on the ship and just tried to not fall off the treadmill.

20. You felt so fancy when you and your friends did fine dining to celebrate someone's birthday.

Or the Reclining Buddha in Thailand

Or the ruins of Tikal in Guatemala

Or the halls of the Alhambra in Spain

24. You did something TOTALLY INSANE like skydiving or swimming with sharks.

25. At some point you told your family you were moving to China or Thailand or South Africa or whatever your favorite country was FOREVER.

28. You saw a lot of translated signs that were sort of kind of maybe a little off.

29. You held up signs in each country to thank your parents for helping to send you on the greatest journey of your life.

31. Helpful strangers around the world restored your faith in humanity.

33. You couldn't wait to get home to the MV Explorer after a few days ashore and take a much-needed shower...

35. You watched the country you just visited fade into the distance as you set sail for the next one.

37. Those sunsets over the ocean were the most beautiful ones you've ever seen.

38. You recognize every room in this video (and are maybe even in it!)

View this video on YouTube

39. You dressed up to the nines for Ambassador's Ball/Alumni Ball.

40. By the end of the voyage, you knew every single person on the ship.

42. You had a pretty hard time adjusting back to life on dry land...

44. You made lifelong friendships that changed your life for the better.

47. And you wish you could do it all over again every. single. day.

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