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    11 DIY Decoration Ideas That Refresh Your Christmas

    Give your home a cheerful and festive holiday update with 11 inspirational ideas for easy-to-create Christmas decorations, crafts and centerpieces.

    1. Coffee Filter Snowflakes


    Discover how to make DIY Coffee Filter Snowflakes, Make a beautiful cascade of snow in just a few simple steps. Its very easy and quick to make. Very helpful to make it at last minute diy crafts.

    You remember creating paper snowflakes in grade school, right? Folding paper over and over, then cutting out little designs to create one-of-a-kind flakes? Well, we just made things a lot easier. By using coffee filters instead of regular white paper, you eliminate the need to cut out any type of circle—the flakes automatically come out in a round shape! Plus, the thinner paper is much easier to cut through for small kids .

    Here’s what you need: If you’d like a more natural, rustic look, go for the light brown coffee filters. The hole punch is great for creating perfect circles, and the decorative edge scissors make it easy to form a patterned border for the snowflakes. If all you have are regular scissors, though, that’s just fine—you can still make a beautiful snowflake with only that resource. Once you’re done cutting and creating, you’ll also need double-sided tape to display the snowflakes on your window.

    What you do: Just fold a coffee filter in half a few times (we folded until it was one-eighth its original size), then get to work cutting! Don’t worry about making anything specific—beautiful patterns will emerge as you unfold the snowflake when you’re done cutting. If you make them one by one, you’ll start getting a feel for how the designs develop. Once you’re done, display them all over! The more variation, the better

    2. DIY Fingerprint Snowman Ornament


    Creating this handpainted glass ornament is easy! You can find all these supplies needed for this craft project at most Walmart stores.

    Other Supplies :

    Round glass ornament

    Rubbing alcohol

    Foam spouncer

    Liner brush #1

    Decorative ribbon

    Foam plates

    Paper towels

    Water basin

    What To Do :

    1. Wipe outside of ornament with rubbing alcohol.

    2. Squeeze approximately one tablespoon of Blue Cotton inside ornament. Place finger or paper towel over opening and swirl paint to coat the inside. Shake to completely cover. Shake excess paint out and place opening side down in a cup or bowl to drain. Let dry overnight if necessary.

    3. Using spouncer, apply White to bottom part of ornament creating snow.

    4. Spounce White onto three fingers and press onto ornament as shown. Let dry.

    5. Paint scarves with Lime Tree and Flag Red using liner brush. Paint noses and arms with Spiced Carrot and Black.

    6. Create all dot detail by dipping opposite end of paintbrush into paint and applying to ornament.

    7. Tie decorative ribbon around ornament holder to finish.

    3. Burlap Wreath


    Okay so this is NOT a typical post! Not a teaching-related material, at all! I am just so excited about it!!! I can’t help but share it!

    Now…just to warn you all…I am a teacher, not a self-proclaimed crafting professional…BUT, I think my burlap wreath came out pretty good!! I wanted to share with you all how I made it because it was an idea in my head that actually turned out right! That never happens!

    You will need a few things first. You can get everything below at Michael’s…but I am sure there are other places, too! :) You can also use real flowers if you want to! That could be fun!

    1. Flowers or decor of your choice. It can be little buttons or whatever you choose to decorate your wreath with…this can really change depending on what you want!

    2. Burlap! I went through three of these rolls from Michael’s. It will depend on how full you want your wreath to look. I wanted mine to be really full; however, your taste may be different.

    3. Pipe cleaners or wiring. I was looking for wiring at Michael’s, but was struggling to find a tan color. The lady at the store suggested the tan colored pipe cleaners! She is a genius! :) They worked perfectly. I needed 2 bags of the tan pipe cleaners (the tan was the same color as the burlap). Cut the pipe cleaners into thirds.

    4. A green wired wreath shape (found in the wreath section at Michael’s) – you will see part of this in a picture.

    Here is what you will get when you are part of the way through. I felt it was easier to explain this to you if I showed you this first – this might be part of my “Begin with the end in mind” trait I have from the Seven Habits ;)

    To get started, just attached the end of the burlap to the wiring by slipping a pipe cleaner through the burlap and twisting it behind the wiring (you want to hide the pipe cleaner).

    Then you will just continue on by looping the burlap in whatever size loops you like.

    I found this was super easy to do while sitting on the ground. You have so many supplies around you that it is just so easy to just sit on the ground :) Also, burlap sheds a little bit, and I did not want to have to clean that up inside of my house!

    Above you can see how the burlap is attached in some spots, then hangs off. You never have to cut the burlap! It just goes on in all one piece :) Great, right!?

    Take the burlap in your hand and loop it to the size loop you want.

    Scrunch the burlap together where you will be wrapping the pipe cleaner around it. You are going to push this into the part of the wreath you have already added some burlap. The closer to tie each loop to the others, the more full your wreath will be. They will slide a little once tied, but that is good because then when you are all done, you can adjust the burlap to fill in any spots that don’t look as full as others. Remember to attach/tie to all 4 wires on the wire wreath so that you can a full wreath and don’t see the wires. I just went across each row of wires as I went.

    Stick the pipe cleaner on from the top, toward the back of the wreath. Put it around a green wire from the wire wreath, so that it has something holding the loop of burlap back to the wreath. Then twist!

    Here is what you will see from the top until to pull the burlap up and “fluff” the wreath. The pipe cleaner will be hidden by the next loop you do, as well.

    Last – I wrapped the flowers and burlap and attached them with a pipe cleaner, also. I want to get a little “P” for our last name, or something “AU” for Auburn to put on there next to the flowers, but for now, I think it came out great! :) Another cute idea I have seen is people bought a different color fabric and tied a bow around the their wreath – that look super cute, too! :)

    4. DIY Baby’s First Christmas Ornament


    You can preserve baby’s first Christmas by making an ornament special for the occasion. You just need a frosted glass ornament – or you can use one in any color that you want. Trace baby’s feet on the ornament with a pen or narrow sharpie and then add glue and glitter. You can write in the name, date and age to make it really customized.

    5. Handmade Christmas Ornaments


    How To Make It :

    1. Oh Felty Christmas Tree!: A great project for you and your kids. Just cut out decreasing sized circles of felt and stack them together to form this tree shape and top with a star.

    2. Set of 6 handmade ornaments: Don’t have time to create your own ornaments this year? Check out this set of 6 from Pretty Plush on Etsy.

    3. Mistletoe Tutorial: Let the smooching commence, with this cute felt mistletoe!

    4. Mr. & Mrs. Gingerbread: This gorgeous pair of felt characters are hand stitched and would make a great addition to any tree.

    5. Bird Softies: Done up in Christmas fabrics this free pdf pattern would make cute ornaments.

    6. Felt Cutout Ornaments: Download the template to create these quick and easy candy cane, snowflake, and bell-shape ornaments.

    7. Button Tree Ornament: Super simple but ultra cute ornament. All you need is a bunch of varied sized green buttons, and a cute little star for the top.

    8. Mitten & Snowman Ornaments: Another tutorial for this cute winter themed ornaments.

    9. Whimsical Bird Kit: Purchase everything you need to make these little bird ornaments in one handy little kit.

    10. Snowflake Christmas Tree Ornaments: These elegant ornaments are simple to make with Crayola model magic and a cookie cutter!

    11. Felt Ogee Ornament Tutorial: Bring a modern touch to your tree with this felt ogee ornament.

    6. Origami Flower Ball


    Anyone can do that, I assure you. The proof: I can, just take a quick look at my result below. And, believe me, I am neither meticulous nor particularly patient. You could even say I’m the opposite.

    What you will need to make your own Kusudama paper ball?

    1. Paper – 60 square pieces of paper, all of the same size. I use advertising catalogues (for your convenience in the first part of this tutorial I use plain blue paper so that the folds are more visible). My squares are 3,5 cm x 3,5 cm but you can make them bigger, smaller squares would be rather hard to fold. For every flower you will need 5 pieces.

    2. Ruler

    3. Pencil

    4. Glue – the glue I use have two nice properties: (1) it does not dry very quickly which allows small corrections when necessary (2) being initially white it turns translucent while drying

    5* Scissors

    (optionally) I prefer torn paper instead of cut. I fold it several times before tearing slowly.

    6* Beads (optionally) Use them to add some extra glamour.

    7. Toothpick – to apply the glue.

    You have to start with a single petal. Don’t give up, it may seem that it will take ages before you make all 60 petals but you will progress faster with every next piece :)

    Than you have to glue your 5 petals into a flower. Apply the glue to only one side of each petal, except for the last one, in this case cover both sides with glue. Your first flower is done. :)

    Don’t glue every petal right after you make it. Make the whole 60 and then glue them into 12 flowers, it’s really faster this way.

    When all 12 flowers are finished you have to glue them together. You start with gluing the first half – six flowers together. With your first flower you have to apply the glue on two adjacent petals, with five next flowers you apply glue on three adjacent petals. Put the glue not exactly on the middle line of the petal but a little to the right.

    When two halves of Kusudama Flower Ball are ready you have to glue them together. You can put a cord between the halves so that your ball can hang down. I make my Kusudama Flower Balls for a table decorations so I don’t put a cord.

    7. Adorable Ornaments That Double as Gift Tags


    Get everything you need from the dollar store to make these salt-dough gift tags that hardly look homemade. This recipe also creates cute holiday ornaments that are so chic. Make on your own, or gather your gal pals for a fun night of getting crafty. You can even make these with your nieces and nephews!

    What You'll Need:

    - Mixing bowl

    - Spoon

    - 2 cups flour

    - 1 cup salt

    -1 cup warm water

    -Parchment paper

    -Rolling pin

    -A variety of cookie cutters

    -Toothpick (optional)

    -Tempera paint (optional)

    -Glitter (optional)

    -Sheet pan


    1. Mix together the flour and salt, giving the ingredients a stir to make sure they're incorporated. Slowly add the warm water, and stir until the mixture comes together.

    2. Cover your work area with parchment paper, and roll small rounds of the dough, dusting with flour as needed until it's around one-fourth-inch thick. Use cookie cutters to create shapes, and then decorate the gift tags with letter stamps or draw designs with a toothpick. And you can create colors by adding a few drops of tempera paint or even a sprinkle of glitter. Don't forget to punch a hole at the top of tags for stringing to your packages!

    3. Place the finished gift tags on a parchment-lined sheet pan, and let dry overnight.

    4. Use the finished tags for embellishing holiday gifts or even for decorating around the house! And you can use a black marker to personalize the tags while wrapping presents.

    8. Christmas Tree Napkin Fold Idea


    Discover, Christmas Tree Napkin Fold Idea. I love simple things and decorations. If there are too many details in a design, it makes me feel distracted and irritated, since less is always more for me. But this approach can be a real problem when it comes to Christmas decorations. Some members of my family like more elaborate garnish, and that’s why I was in a need of something that will satisfy all of us at the same time. I really hope that I succeded by finding this simple idea for folding a dinner napkin.

    Other Handimaniacs liked it so much, that we decided to make our own version of the tutorial. You’ll be surprised how quick and simple it is and how useful it can be when you’re in a hurry but need a stunning decoration for your Christmas table.

    I like my folded Christmas Tree plain, without any additional decoration, but if it’s too much for you ;) you can always add something to it. One of the best additions is Tiny Bow, that you can stick to a peak of the tree. What else would you use to decorate it? We’ll be happy to hear something from you.

    What you need: Supplies / Ingredients:

    - fabric napkin 45/45 cm

    - tiny bow (optional)

    - pin (optional)

    1. To prepare this super simple fold, you need a perfectly square fabric napkin. First, fold it twice to get a smaller square.

    2. Then, fold up each layer to the top and be sure to leave one inch between each fold.

    3. Flip the whole thing over, holding the folds.

    4. It’s time to fold both sides together. Remember to align the top of each panel to form a triangular space at the top of the napkin.

    5. Flip back the napkin (remember to hold it tight so it doesn’t unfold). Fold the upper layer to the top to form a peak of your Christmas tree. Hide lower layers’ tips underneath the upper folds.

    6. To add a finishing touch to your Christmas Tree Napkin Fold, you can decorate it with Tiny Bow, we featured few days ago. Simply pin it to the peak of the tree.

    7. In the Christmas spirit already? ;)

    9. Pink And Purple Penguin Cookies

    Glorious Treats / Via

    10. Christmas Bedroom Decorations


    30 Pictures of Bedroom Decorating Ideas This Christmas. Their collection of bedroom decorations is exciting and cheerful. The colours of the season are whipped with a few others to create an interesting blend and one can see the effects they create. Enticing with their home-y feel, these designs can change the look of a room in an instant. However small or big your bedroom, these accessories are sure to add a Christmas spark!

    11. Rudolph Candy Canes


    These adorable Rudolph Candy Canes!

    I didn’t want him to give out just another bag of candy, I wanted to make something with him that everyone would like. Then I remembered making these a few years ago and thought they’d make a perfect treat!

    With a small amount of low temp hot glue I added the nose and eyes.

    Twist the pipe cleaner around the candy cane tight enough so that it’ll stay in place

    Then bend each “antler” in a zig zag pattern and trim any excess

    And that’s it! I plan on adding some ribbon and a name tag.