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Don’t Get Locked Out This Christmas

The holiday season is upon us and with it comes hectic days with parties to attend to, presents to buy and numerous things to do. It is important to ensure that you do not get locked out this holiday season.

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Don’t Get Locked Out This Christmas

The holiday season is just around the corner and everyone is busy with preparations. There are meals to prepare, presents to purchase and parties to attend. There is the ever-present maddening holiday rush in stores where people just seem to elbow each other to get the holiday goodies first. With all the numerous things to think about it is easy to forget the little things. And one of the most commonly misplaced or forgotten things are keys.

How many times have you gone out the door only to realize that you have forgotten to bring your keys? How many times have you reached for the keys in your bag or purse only to find that it is not there? If you are planning to go on a long holiday, is it safer to take your keys with you or leave with people you can trust?

Preparing for the holidays

So you have booked your tickets and are looking forward to enjoying the holidays with the family. You will be away from the city’s mad rush and you will be enjoying Christmas perhaps on a tropical island or skiing somewhere with the whole family. There are things to prepare of and one very important thing you must not forget is who will be responsible for your house keys while you are away.

Some people would prefer to leave their keys with individuals they can trust, such as family members, friends or neighbors. So what happens if you forget your keys inside the house? Certainly there are numerous 24 hour locksmiths in the area but it is the holiday season and when it is the holiday season, some locksmiths are closed and if there are any open, you can bet that prices will skyrocket.

Do locksmiths work on Christmas?

It is easy to get distracted by the Christmas lights and the holiday songs playing everywhere so if you find yourself locked out of your home, you run to a locksmith. Do not panic because you can make an emergency appointment with a locksmith. When making such an appointment, they will give you an estimate for the price and the time of their arrival.

How do you find available locksmiths on Christmas? You can search on the Internet and perhaps even ask friends and family if they have anyone they trust that they can recommend. It is advisable to look for locksmiths in advance and not just during emergencies and consider those who are prepared to give discounts. You can see the discounts they offer by checking their social media pages such as Facebook and even their very own websites. There are also locksmiths who give flat fixed rates regardless of the season and this allows you to save money in case emergencies happen.

Lockout Tips

So, what happens if you lock yourself out of the house and you are unable to find a locksmith? Or if you do not have money to pay for exorbitant emergency costs? What do you do? Certainly you cannot spend the night outside and checking in a hotel means paying even more.

Ask for help

Call a family member who has an extra key to the house or if you have roommates call them to let you in. it is inconvenient to ask roommates but it is even more inconvenient to spend hours outside in the cold.

You can also ask a local locksmith for help, they might not let you in for free but help you with useful information and advice. Find in the following link some more helpful tips to issues with your doors and locks at out of service hours.

Look for unlocked windows

Of course, you should never, ever leave your house with unlocked windows but in the off chance that you did, it is the perfect entry point. Lift up the window and shimmy through to gain entry to the house.

Use your credit card

Credit cards are not only good for purchases but also for lock-picking on spring bolts or standard issue doorknobs. However, keep in mind that this is not advisable for doors with deadbolts, as they won’t budge. Just insert the card between the door and the frame and start pushing and wiggling the card.

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