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What Past Participants ~really~ Think Of The Community Internship Program

The deadline to apply for the Jewish Federation's Community Internship Program is approaching on Jan 17, 2017! Apply here.

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What do you actually do?

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Corey (Beit Tzedek): "I'm giving calls to people who missed their appointment dates."

Issac (Beit Tzedek): "I get to create actual case files that will be used downstairs."

Natanya (Hillel 818): "We are working on planning a retreat for college freshmen. I'm calling temples and contacting youth groups."

Emma(Jewish World Watch): "We've been working really hard on this cool video project for the past few days."

Hannah (Jewish Journal)" "I worked on an article for the community section that was actually printed and featured. I've also been calling places to confirm their info for the upcoming city guide."

Sam (Jewish Federation): "I've been drafting social media posts and learning how to create cool content."

Jordan (Westside JCC): "I have worked on everything from communications like taking pictures and uploading them to Facebook to working on the camp database and organizing field trips."

Benji (Westside JCC): "I don't have a set job. I just do whatever needs to be done on a day-to-day basis from doing Excel spreadsheets to calling parents."

Rose (Jewish Federation): "Most of what I do is calling donors about different events and fundraising opportunities that we have."

Dani (Beit T'shuvah): "I am soliciting companies for items for the silent auction."

What do I get out of it?

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Sam (Jewish Federation): "I'm helping build my own social media networks and build skills for my future career."

Hannah (Jewish Journal)" "We have these weekly meetings where I get to see real writers pitch their ideas."

Jordan (Westside JCC): "I've just been having a really good time and have some awesome coworkers and get to try new things."

Leora (Friendship Circle): "I have learned new skills whether it's researching something on the internet or writing letters to donors ."

Benji (Westside JCC): "First: I get paid. Second: I am learning skills that I know will help me with a job in life. It's meaningful because I just get to help out in whatever way possible."

Daniel (JFS): "Some of these members here have really incredible stories and I really love to listen to them. Also, every day, I get to take my lunch to the beach and have a really peaceful time."

What else do I need to know?

* The program is open to current High School sophomores and juniors.

* You will contribute to organizations that support and impact our community, gain valuable insight from knowledgeable, experienced professionals, Make lasting friendships with like-minded teens, build a foundation for a future career, and collect a paycheck.

* Applications are due Tuesday, January 17th, 2017 by 5pm.

* The program runs from June 15 through July 14, 2017

What if I have more questions?

Check out some frequently asked questions.

Contact Jessica Green, Director, LA Jewish Teen Initiative at or (323) 761-8343 with any questions.

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