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    • jhess0812

      Good for her! She’s a young child, completely excited about a cupcake ATM! I would be pretty friggin excited myself and I have two children of my own! For those of you who think this is disgusting….you clearly don’t have children, and cannot see the joy in her eyes. For those of you making fun of them for being “hicks”, let me tell you something about “hicks”. I live in northern GA, on a farm. We have two chicken houses, three hogs (which we will slaughter and eat), we have 3 horses, and a bunch of dogs. We own tractors and guns, and we tend to talk with pretty heavy accents. Sure, you may consider us “hillbillies”, “hicks”, or “rednecks”, but let me tell you. I have two beautiful sons, and a husband that would do anything for anyone. We have friends and family that would give us the shirts off their backs. The love and generosity you find down south, is very rare….not easily found. That family may seem “trashy” or whatever, but you can bet your a** they love each other unconditionally. Make fun of southerners for being hicks all you want, but you’re the one missing out!

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