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11 Ways Alcohol Brands Got Gender Wrong

You would think that in this day and age, the advertising industry would take gender stereotypes into consideration for their ads and promotions; however, when it comes to alcohol advertising this is still an issue. These ads are influencing what men and women are expected to drink. Perpetuating stereotypes such as: hard liquor and beer are for men, while wine and fruity drinks are for women.

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Here are 11 examples of these gender-typed advertising mistakes

6. Mancan Wine


This California firefighter created wine in a can for “real men” to drink at the ballpark, while doing outdoor activities, or at their favorite dive bar.

It only makes sense that their slogan would be “SHUT UP AND DRINK.”

By: Aymara Lucero, Juanita Herrera, Valentina Usquiano, Annabel Martial and Eric Lopez

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