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What You Missed With Netflix Romance

Not everything has to be a prissy chick-click tearjerker to be a romance, though I won't lie . . . I do quite enjoy a good feel good rom-com. Here is everything you need to know about the lesser known romance films that Netflix has to offer.

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Period Romance

Focus Features

Sometimes, you just need to feel fancy. Even though your mom probably loves these films already, there are quite a few great period dramas to check out.

1. "Jane Eyre"

Cary Joji Fukunaga's take on the classic Charlotte Brontë love story is a daring, dark, stark and strangely beautiful. It simultaneously has everything a good period drama should have, with a new sort of daringness that you don't get often from films like this. Factor in Mia Wasikowska's and Michael Fassbender's wonderfully nuanced performances and a wonderful musical score, and this is a complete winner.


- Beautifully shot

- Quiet, yet powerful

- Very engaging and unique approach to unique book


- Dimly shot

- Often times a bit dry

2. "Anna Karenina"

The 2012 remake of the Russian classic by Leo Tolstoy is a strikingly beautiful and infinitely polarizing adaption worth every moment of your attention. Shot as if as a stage play taking place on a single stage, "Anna Karenina" injects an oft told story with a new and creative life that makes the film and its many characters feel much more kinetic than a typical period romance. Thanks to its unflinching tone, beautifully restrained direction from Joe Wright and some of the most beautiful production and costume design of any film ever to date, this adaption stands above the rest.


- Absolutely lush and beautiful in nearly every way

- Wonderfully understated performance

- Ingenious way to update classic material by using a stage setting

-Darkly engaging


- The stage setting takes a while to get used to

- Abrupt ending

Teen Romance

Focus Features

Say what you want, teen movies don't often get much of the respect they deserve, with new films like "The Edge of Seventeen" and "Before I Fall" legitimizing the genre in a new light, it's time to look at those that came before them.

1. "Moonrise Kingdom"

Argue with it all you want, but "Moonrise Kingdom" is a teen movie, no matter if the audience who went to see it most were white hipster 20-somethings. While "Moonrise Kingdom" is far from a hot find on Netflix, it says a lot that even if you've seen this film before, it's worth checking out multiple times. If you haven't checked the film out at all, the time is now and I promise you won't regret it. This is a charming, innocent, beautifully crafted Wes Anderson film that gets better with each viewing.


- Incredibly sweet

- Beautifully shot

- Subtly acted, especially by Wes Anderson standards

- Short, sweet and to the point


- Sometimes seems to try to prove its quirkiness a bit

- Ending is a bit underwhelming

2. "Adventureland"

People always forget about this movie, if only because every star in the film had a bigger or better film out at the time of its release, but it doesn't change that "Adventureland" is a touching, incredibly funny and very engaging film. Thanks to its all-star cast, including Jesse Eisenberg, Kristen Stewart, Ryan Reynolds, Bill Hader, Kristen Wiig and more, this is a film that examines everything shitty about being a teenager with no direction and turns it into a beautiful love letter to adolescence in the most awkward way possible.


- Touching, funny performances from the whole cast

- Balances humor and drama incredibly well

- Romance is realistic and very self-aware

- The setting of an amusement park is genius


- Not "laugh out loud" funny like many of the cast's other films have been

- A bit slow moving

Foreign Romance

IFC Films

Suck it up that you'll have to read some subtitles and you'll be watching the two best films out of this whole bunch.

1. "The Way He Looks"

What American can't seem to do well (or at all) is the queer romance. This is something that foreign markets seem to pick up on much better. "The Way He Looks" is a Brazilian romance film that unfolds between two high school boys. One of the boys is blind, which not only opens up the discussion about love and disabilities, but how without the conventions of sight to hold us down, love exists in so many more outlets in such a pure way. This is a loving, pleasant film that examines everything the queer adolescent existence entails.


- Wonderful, original take on the typical "forbidden love" trope

- Very briskly moving and always engaging

- Beautiful character relationships

- Not exploitative like many other queer romances find themselves to be


- Not quite as eventful as some other romances are

2. "Blue is the Warmest Color"

Hands down, "Blue is the Warmest Color" is my favorite romance film of all time. Like "The Way He Looks," this is another "forbidden love" queer romance between two women in France. This is a polarizing, yet stunning film that examines everything true love entails in a modern relationship: affection, heartbreak, violence, and sex. The main talking point of "Blue is the Warmest Color" is its sex scenes, which are quite prolonged and graphic, but shows many of the more vulnerable sides that sexuality offers in actual human beings. Also, across its expansive three hour runtime, the sex takes up a very minimal part of the film.


- One of the most emotionally resonant films I've ever seen

- Soul-crushing performances from both Adèle Exarchopolous and Léa Seydoux

- Careful, concise, minimalistic direction from Abdellatif Kechiche

- Slowly works for your affection, and then rips it away from you in a beautifully cruel way


- Sex scenes might be too graphic for some

- 3 hour runtime

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