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A Different Kind Of Throwback Thursday - Help Wanted Female

A throwback to another era.

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This might come as a surprise to some of you young 'uns, but to those of us of, ahem, ahem, a certain age, it will be all too familiar.

My cohorts and I entered the job market in the late sixties, early seventies when Monster was the star of foreign movies and the Web was what you swept from the corners of your ceilings. Job-hunting involved sitting down with a red pen and the appropriate Help Wanted section of the Sunday classifieds. By appropriate I mean, 'Help Wanted – Male' or 'Help Wanted – Female'. Yes, job listings were classified by gender. Those were certainly the days.

When the newly created Equal Opportunity Commission ruled that job listings could no longer be separated by sex, the Boston Globe, yes that bastion of left wing, liberal media, editorialized against it arguing that it would inconvenience the job hunter to have to search through irrelevant ads. Oh, the burden.

As a result, Accountants were listing under 'Help Wanted – Male' and Bookkeepers were listed under 'Help Wanted – Female'. Not a lot of mystery that Management jobs would be listed as 'Help Wanted – Male', or that the typists and secretaries were 'Help Wanted - Female'. Men were programmers, women were card punch operators. Bonus points if you guess which section listed the placement agency called 'Happy Job Tree' , flirty eyes and all. Check out these listings and the editorial for a blast from the past.

It took a couple of more years but eventually the Globe started classifying jobs as General or Professional. To quote Martin Luther King: "The arc of history is long but it bends toward justice."

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