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57 Reasons Nero Wolfe Is The Most Erudite Of The Fictional Detectives


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1. A volume of poetry by Mark Van Doren, And Be A Villian

2. Here and Now, by Herbert Block, And Four to Go

3.Beauty for Ashes, by Christopher LaFarge, Before Midnight

4.Party of One, by Clifton Fadiman, Before Midnight

5.Montaigne's Essays, Before Midnight

6.Casanova's Memoirs, by Jacques Casanova, Before Midnight

7.The Letters of Dorothy Osborne to Sir William Temple, Before Midnight

8.But We Were Born Free, by Elmer Davis, The Black Mountain

9.World Peace Through World Law, by Grenville Clark and Louis B. Sohn, Champagne for One

10.Invitation to an Inquest, by Walter and Miriam Schneir, Death of a Doxy

11.Utopia, by Sir Thomas More, Death of a Doxy, (Wolfe later removed this from his shelf because More had framed Richard III)

12.The Jungle Book, by Rudyard Kipling, Death of a Doxy

13.Man's Rise to Civilization as Shown by the Indians of North America from Primeval Times to the Coming of the Industrial State, by Peter Farb, Death of a Dude

14.The Greek Way, by Edith Hamilton, Death of a Dude

15.The First Circle, by Alexander Solshenitsyn, Death of a Dude

16.A volume of Macaulay's Essays (on Sir William Temple), Death of a Dude

17.The Treasure of our Tongue, by Lincoln Barnett, The Doorbell Rang

18.The Palace Guard, by Dan Rather and Gary Gates, A Family Affair

19.Fitzgerald's translation of the Illiad, A Family Affair

20.Herblock's Special Report, A Family Affair

21.The Southern Voyages, A Family Affair

22.Incredible Victory, by Walter Lord, The Father Hunt

23.The Future of Germany, by Karl Jaspers, The Father Hunt

24.The Lotus and the Robot, by Arthur Koestler, The Final Deduction

25.African Genesis, by Robert Ardrey, Gambit

26.The Native's Return, by Louis Mamie, The League of Frightened Men (Also read by Archie in Over My Dead Body)

27.Outline of Human Nature, by Alfred Rossiter, The League of Frightened Men

28.A volume of poetry by Spenser, The League of Frightened Men

29.A Secret Understanding, by Merle Miller, Might As Well Be Dead

30.Travels with Charley, by John Steinbeck, The Mother Hunt

31.Silent Spring, by Rachel Carson, The Mother Hunt

32.A volume of lyrics by Oscar Hammerstein, Murder by the Book

33.Under Cover, by John Roy Carlson, Not Quite Dead Enough

34.United Yugoslavia, Over My Dead Body

35.Grant Takes Command, by Bruce Catton, Please Pass the Guilt

36.History of Human Marriage, by Westermarck, Please Pass the Guilt

37.The Seven Pillars of Wisdom, by Lawrence, The Red Box

38.William Shakespeare, by A.L. Rowse, A Right, to Die

39.Cymbeline, by William Shakespeare, A Right to Die

40.Othello, by William Shakespeare, A Right to Die

41.The Minister and the Choir Singer, by Kunstler, A Right to Die

42.The Group, by Mary McCarthy (partially read and discarded), A Right to Die

43.Science: The Glorious Entertainment, by Jacques Barzun, A Right to Die

44.Lindenia, The Silent Speaker

45.Inside Russia Today, by John Gunther, Three at Wolfe's Door; Method Three for Murder

46.Power and Policy, by Thomas Finletter, Three for the Chair; Immune to Murder

47.An Outline of Man's Knowledge of the Modern World, edited by Lyman Bryson, Too Many Clients

48.The Duchess of Malfi, by John Webster, Too Many Clients

49.Alcilia, by John Harington, Too Many Clients

50.Paracelsus, by Browning, Too Many Clients

51.Inside Europe, by John Gunther, Too Many Cooks

52.The Sudden Guest, by Christopher LaFarge, Too Many Women

53.Love from London, by Gilbert Gabriel, Too Many Women

54.A Survey of Symbolic Logic, by C. I. Lewis, Too Many Women

55.The Rise and Fall of the Third Reich, by Shirer, Trio for Blunt Instruments; Kill Now—Pay Later

56.My Life in Court, by Louis Nizer, Trio for Blunt Instruments; Murder is Corny

57.The Coming Fury, by Bruce Catton, (on shelf; interested Cramer, presumably read by Wolfe) Trio for Blunt Instruments; Murder is Corny

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