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We Need To Talk About One Direction's Insanely Attractive Drummer

Josh Devine? More like Josh Define.

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Of course you know these guys: They're One Direction.

Instagram: @onedirection

But let us introduce you to someone you might not know: their insanely attractive drummer Josh Devine, who we need to talk about RIGHT NOW.

Instagram: @joshdevinedrums

Just like the puppy he's holding, Josh is REALLY, REALLY adorable.

Instagram: @joshdevinedrums

And he's a bonafide badass who's not afraid to pet a lion cub.

Instagram: @joshdevinedrums

And his style game is on point.

Today choice of shoes. @adidas LOVE them.

It goes without saying that he is INSANELY talented — here's proof.

Instagram: @joshdevinedrums

Basically, he's just ridiculously cool and we want to be his friend. (Or maybe special friend, ya know?)

Instagram: @joshdevinedrums

Seriously, how did we miss this guy?

Instagram: @joshdevinedrums

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