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Wafflenugget Might Be The Cutest Puppy On Instagram

With a name like that, how could you not fall in love?

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Allow me to introduce Wafflenugget.

She's a Bernese puppy who loves a good nap.

And has the most adorable giant paws.

She knows how to work the camera.

She loves a good challenge.

And just hanging with one of her best buds.

She'll even help with the dishes!

And can't wait to cuddle after a hard day's work.

She even makes the freezing cold look enjoyable!

And the most dreaded bath time easy-peasy.

How could you possibly get mad at that face?!

Seriously, she takes those puppy dog eyes to a new level.

She even makes the perfect lap dog.

And will play a quick game of tug-of-war.

She'll always be listening!

"Are you talking about me?"

Ugh, being this cute can be so exhausting at times, right?
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