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21 Signs That Prove Blair Waldorf Is Your Kindred Spirit

Let's be real, B.

1. You know the exact cure for when you're feeling bummed.

2. No matter how mad you might be.

3. You know how to assert your dominance.

4. And how to make an everlasting impression.

5. You understood that highschool was just a road block to your success.

6. You take no shame in stating the obvious.

7. And say what everyone else is probably thinking.

8. You're not afraid to be honest with your friends about their professional career choices.

9. Or just being honest in general.

10. You find that people's idiocy is a daily struggle.

11. And can spot a one-night stand off the bat.

12. You know how to share your excitement for others.

13. And have an unique way with words.

14. You value the meaning of friendship.

15. And understand the importance of companionship.

16. But know it's not everything.

17. You know immediately when something is up.

18. You don't tolerate bullshit.

19. And frankly, why should you?

20. You don't settle for excuses when it comes to getting what you want.

21. But you always know exactly how to get it anyway.

You go, Queen B.