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    20 Of The Most Memorable Moments From "Kenan And Kel"

    Awwww, here it goes

    1. The starting line to every, single episode.

    2. When Kel shared his love for orange soda.

    3. And this became the biggest love story of all time.

    4. Or when Kenan discovered Kel was secretly a ~genius~.

    5. When Kel discovered witchcraft.

    6. When Kenan had a suspicious government cheese delivery.

    7. And used the best excuse in the business.

    8. When we met Kelly.

    9. When Kel dropped the screw in the tuna and all hell broke loose.

    10. And shared his beauty secrets.

    11. This.

    12. When Kel did what we all feel.

    13. And we realized our parents were really right about soda.

    14. When Kenan had the best fake name ever.

    15. And Kel brought the Kung-fu to the table.

    16. When Kel told the entire truth.

    17. Not to mention, had the best orange soda dream ever.

    18. When they had the most bizarre costumes.

    19. And met Ron Harper.

    20. Or when they rightfully returned a mailbox.

    Kenan and Kel, we salute you.