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    17 Signs You're Michael Kelso From "That '70s Show"


    1. Your self esteem level is at a solid 100.

    2. But your comeback level exceeds all expectations.

    3. You are a firm believer that honesty is the best policy.

    4. And understand some things about religion.

    5. You know what the key elements are to a great party.

    6. And you're always up-to-date on popular culture.

    7. You're very musically gifted.

    8. You don't let other people walk all over you.

    9. But you always have a trick up your sleeve just in case.

    10. You're smooth with the jokes.

    11. And know how to break the ice.

    12. You're highly devoted to animals and nature.

    13. But understand not all of it is under your control.

    14. You may not be the best handyman.

    15. But you ALWAYS make sure to tell people about any important information.

    16. You're painfully optimistic.

    17. And always open to role playing.

    Let's face it — you're awesome, maaaaan.