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  • Obama And Beyoncé Are Having An Affair..

    France’s second largest newspaper, le Figaro, and paparazzo Pascal Rostain are about to run this story. Here’s a translation of Rostain’s remarks: “You know, at this time, the United States, there is something big that is happening. Anyway, it’ll go out tomorrow in the Washington Post—we cannot say that it is the gutter press—[a story about] an alleged affair between President Barack Obama and Beyoncé. I can assure you that the world will be talking about it.” But this is how people really feel about the affair.

  • A Band To Watch Out For In 2014

    Brooklyn based band Rumors may have only started in 2013, but they’re already making waves with their catchy, layered pop. Their newest single, “Be Easy” is a lush, swirling synth dream, complete with gorgeous harmonies and a killer bass line. It builds slowly, adding sinister synth layers on top of the lovely melody to create a singular mood.

  • Top 10 Movies That Would Make Her Cry

    Multiple times I got to my apartment and found my girlfriend crying, balling her eyes out and my first thought was; “what the f*ck did I do now?” just to realize she is in the middle of a movie, so these are my top 10 movies to avoid unless I want to spend some time alone.

  • Top 5 MTV (Other) Videos

    I still remember waking up tired and being late to school because I was watching “120 Minutes” the night before. You wont see me doing that now because I really don’t care about teen moms or One Direction videos, but back in the day the weird and edgy shows on MTV had to offer were legit. If you loved the crazy videos from the “golden” MTV years, this is a top 5 you might enjoy.

  • Breast Are Bombs

    USER DISCRETION ADVISED — But if you’re offended, you’re missing the point. The women of the activist group FEMEN use the female body as a weapon, not an object.

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