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    DIY Passover Crafts - Seder Upgrades 2015

    Passover is the most celebrated Jewish holiday of the year! But is your Seder a little dry (pun intended) ? Check out these 10 cool, creative, and meaningful ideas to teach, entertain and delight guests of all ages!

    1. Delicious and engaging: Make Your Own Charoset Bar

    Emily Aronoff Teck / Via

    This project allows Seder participants to craft their own style of Charoset. *Note that the ratios can be adjusted to create Sangria :)

    2. Splitting of the Red Sea Tablescape or Diorama / Via

    The parting of the Red Sea is a pinnacle of the Passover story, so make it a centerpiece of your table!

    3. Elijah's (or Miriam's) Cup Craft / Via

    This kiddush cup can be used year-round for various ritual celebrations.

    4. Printable Passover Finger Puppets / Via

    A wonderful printable activity to teach about the Ten Plagues that can be utilized during the seder to engage young children in a fun and developmentally appropriate way! Guests of all ages can participate in the story using these props.

    5. Usable, Beautiful, Meaningful.

    Project by Rae Antonoff, / Via

    What else do you need?

    6. Matzah House Snacktivity or Center Piece / Via

    A project that can reach all ages and be done by individual or a group, this can be used as decoration, dessert, or both!

    7. DIY Hula Hoop Seder Plate / Via

    The plate has enough room to can create a giant version of the seder plate, perfect for sharing or for display. Highlight this project's ability to re-use as part of your community's ongoing effort to protect nature by looking for opportunities to re-use, reduce and recycle!

    8. Origami Hopping Frogs / Via

    Create these frogs in preparation of your celebration, and when the Seder mentions the plague of the frogs, encourage guests to send their frogs "hopping" around the table!

    9. Felt Seder Plate / Via

    This seder plate's creation requires some fine motor skills, so adults or older children will need to provide support to young children to create this project. The craft can be used during the seder or during playtime to encourage children to explore the symbols and rituals of Passover.

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