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    11 People You'd Never Think Were Orthodox Jews.

    You think you know what Orthodox Jews look like. The media always depicts them the same way: beards, hats, wigs, and often pasty white. Rabbis, diamond dealers, and women pushing strollers. But did you know that Orthodox Jews are a diverse group of people, with different jobs, hobbies, ethnicities, and levels of observances? Bet you'd never think:

    1. A female kickboxing star

    2. A Professional Boxer

    3. A Semi-Finalist on "America's Got Talent"

    4. Fashionistas

    5. The Strongest Girl in the World

    6. A Woman in Uniform

    7. Hippies

    8. Slam Poets

    9. Individuals who are not the stereotypical White/Ashkanazi/Caucasians

    10. People who have fun, laugh, and act weird

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    could be Orthodox Jews because we're always depicted as so serious in TV and movies. But check out these "black hatter" yeshiva boys and their awesome/silly dance moves. (They will put a smile on YOUR face!)

    Since you only hear stories of how Orthodox women are held back and subjugated, you probably never thought there'd be...

    11. A female pilot

    To get more of your stereotypes about Orthodox Jews and Judaism shattered, check out!