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    11 People You'd Never Think Were Orthodox Jews.

    You think you know what Orthodox Jews look like. The media always depicts them the same way: beards, hats, wigs, and often pasty white. Rabbis, diamond dealers, and women pushing strollers. But did you know that Orthodox Jews are a diverse group of people, with different jobs, hobbies, ethnicities, and levels of observances? Bet you'd never think:

    1. A female kickboxing star


    would be an Orthodox woman, but Sara Avraham, an Israeli (Indian immigrant) won the 16-19 year-old championship in the 60-63 kilogram (132-138 lbs) division in March.

    You probably wouldn't think that an Orthodox man would be...

    2. A Professional Boxer

    either, but Dmitriy Salita was the first Orthodox professional boxer (there's a second!) and was ranked #1 in his weight class in 2009.

    Bet you never thought that an Orthodox teen would be...

    3. A Semi-Finalist on "America's Got Talent"

    but Edon Pinchot - this kippah clad crooner - was one last year and stole many hearts along the way!

    You probably never knew that there are Orthodox Jewish..

    4. Fashionistas

    but there are many, including fashion blogger Adi Heyman who keeps getting snapped up by ELLE at NY fashion week because she knows how to rock modest fashion so well.

    We're often depicted as scrawny, so you probably wouldn't think that...

    5. The Strongest Girl in the World

    would be an Orthodox Jew, but she is and her name is Naomi Kutin. This 11 year old girl set her latest world record this past June.

    You probably never imagined that...

    6. A Woman in Uniform

    would be a religious Jew, but Captain Hall (pictured here with her husband and kids) has been on active duty for over 20 years serving our country in the USPHS and was deployed in Haiti, Katrina, and Superstorm Sandy. There are many other Orthodox Jews graciously serving our country in the military as well.

    But we also have...

    7. Hippies

    Via jspace

    who are usually artsy and peace-loving and often play the guitar - much like their non-Orthodox counterparts, as well as...

    8. Slam Poets

    like Matthue Roth who's also an author and a Hasidic Punk Jew in the all best ways.

    Not only do our jobs, hobbies, styles, and interests range, so too do our ethnicities. You rarely see it in the media, but there are many...

    9. Individuals who are not the stereotypical White/Ashkanazi/Caucasians

    who are Orthodox Jews, like my friend Yael who is Korean-American and Black and totally awesome.

    But you'd never think...

    10. People who have fun, laugh, and act weird

    View this video on YouTube

    could be Orthodox Jews because we're always depicted as so serious in TV and movies. But check out these "black hatter" yeshiva boys and their awesome/silly dance moves. (They will put a smile on YOUR face!)

    Since you only hear stories of how Orthodox women are held back and subjugated, you probably never thought there'd be...

    11. A female pilot

    who's an Orthodox Jew, but Chaya Nechama is one and I'm pretty sure there are others.

    Look - the awful stories that make the news unfortunately happen at times, and my heart breaks for people everywhere who are mistreated. True religious Jews (the ones who act religious and don't just dress religious) speak out against bad people and help those who are suffering.

    But there is an untold story that must be told: for many Orthodox women (and men), when it comes to our dreams and aspirations - the sky's the limit.

    I recently spoke to a secular Isaraeli man on the phone who saw my picture online, but was confused about how religious I was. "You're Orthodox?" he asked incredulously, "but you don't look like an Orthodox woman."

    I smiled and responded, "You're only saying that because you haven't spent enough time on yet!"

    To get more of your stereotypes about Orthodox Jews and Judaism shattered, check out!

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