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Top 10 Things That Happened That Time We Went Bowling

Remember when we went bowling that one time? Here's 10 things that happened, and not just any 10 things, the TOP 10 things.

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10. Putting a made-for-toddlers ball in our neighbour's lane

You used the classic distraction technique, asking "does ice help when you hurt your wrist?" Oh man... classic!

9. Messaging Rebecca to congratulate her!

Rebecca got an A in Heat and Mass... how crazy??? Obviously having never met her you needed to send her your well wishes.

8. When Julia became my ride-or-die homegirl

Remember Julia? What a pal. She was fun, right?

7. When I absolutely crushed it at bowling

Hot damn that was a lotta strikes. Like probably not as many as Chris Sale will be doling out with the Red Sox, but hey, I tried.

6. Your own personally dedicates strike from yours truly

Aw I'm so cute, bowling a strike for you.

5. Stealing the ice; getting berated

That waitress was not a pal. First she's all "we don't let Albertans drink in this here establishment" and then later she's all "don't go behind the bar and get ice". Well bitch, maybe if you had been there doing you JOB, we wouldn't be having this problem.

4. Winning the Certificate

Just call me Adam Cunliffe, because boy did I participate in this Turkish Airways bowling tournament according to the certificate I totally did not steal and definitely was awarded. BTW He has still not accepted my Friend Request #rude

3. Chicken Run coming up ~naturally~ in conversation

When you meet people who work for an airline, you really don't have a choice BUT to ask them how planes work. And since they mentioned "thrust" it was imperative that we brought up Chicken Run.

2. Birth Control in the loot bag

That's an added bonus just for him. What a treat.

1. Just hanging out in general

To quote you it "was fun". It was, wasn't it?

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