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10 Times Sheldon Cooper Kept It Real

Ain't nobody got time for the impractical social tradition of "beating around the bush".

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1. The time he singularly spoke for all men in the world.

2. The time he explained what's in the atmosphere.

3. The time he brought light to polite social conventions.

4. The time he got sassy woman on us.

5. The time he got high-school-teen-girl-Star-Trek-infused on us.

6. The time he didn't sugar coat a damn word.

7. The time he considered the plight of future civilization.

8. That time.

9. The time he made you question your own poor life choices.

10. The time he took a good long look at himself, and liked what he saw.


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Here's a small reminder that maybe Shelly Cooper is not as cold-hearted as he often seems to be . Enjoy this classic song in cannon form.

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