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16 Items You Absolutely Need For Your Next Hike

Whether you're leaving at dawn for a long trek up a mountain or going on a light hike with friends, there's a few things you should always bring along. Pack smart with Jewel-Osco's minimally processed Open Nature® brand.

1. Kick off your morning with a hearty breakfast using this honey nut granola.

Bag of granola.

2. Charge up your morning smoothie with this protein powder.

Container of protein powder.

3. Protect yourself from the sun on your way up with this mineral-based sunscreen lotion.

Bottle of sunscreen lotion.

4. Pack light and bring these super-tasty seaweed snacks.

Bag of seaweed.

5. Fuel up with the energy you need to get through the day by snacking on this dark chocolate and sea salt bar.

Bar of chocolate & sea salt snack.

6. Moisturize your lips with this peppermint lip balm.

Package of lip balm.

7. Keep an extra sandwich in your bag packed with this prosciutto.

Package of prosciutto.

8. Find the ultimate chill spot on the mountain and catch up with your BFFs over these delicious veggie sticks.

Bag of veggie sticks.

9. Plan a picnic at the peak with these water crackers.

Box of crackers.

10. Make your BFF a surprise sandwich with this wild caught tuna.

Can of tuna.

11. Prepare some crackers and make some bite-sized sandwiches with this salami.

Bag of salami.

12. Pack some lunch for you and your friends using this smoked ham.

Package of smoked ham.

13. Every walk down a mountain deserves a delicious treat, and these Parmesan cheese crisps definitely do the trick.

Bag of parmesan cheese crisps.

14. Stock up on some satisfying and filling protein with these shelled walnuts as the ultimate hiking snack!

Bag of shelled walnuts.

15. Make some yummy treats to stay energized using this creamy almond butter.

Jar of creamy almond butter.

16. And keep your skin glowing and clean with these facial cleansing wipes.

Package of facial cleansing wipes.

All images courtesy of Jewel-Osco.

Every great hiking trip starts at the grocery store. Shop Jewel-Osco's Open Nature® line for all your hiking needs.