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13 Ways To Show Off Your Engagement Ring That Are Freaking Stealth

Not conspicuous at all.

1. Sit in the front at every event and meeting you attend and raise your hand as much as possible for the benefit of those seated behind you.

2. Become easily surprised so that you can bring your hand up to cover your constantly gasping mouth.

3. Pretend like you're using telekinesis to control the sunset.

4. Give high fives for everything, even your neighbor receiving preapproval for a credit card.

5. Hold hands with your betrothed in a totally unnatural way in order to draw attention to your hands.

6. Touch EVERYTHING, even thorny things. Honestly, there's nothing you shouldn't be touching in the critical period between engagement and one year after the wedding.

7. Resurrect the magic vanishing finger trick.

8. Casually brush the hair out of your face with your left hand once per minute.

9. Floss often and in public, especially outdoors, where sunlight is likely to make that bling really ~sparkle~.

10. Learn sign language, get hired as an interpreter, and work as much as possible because everyone will be looking at your hands.

11. Do this:

12. Offer everyone a drink at eye level, even the people whose names you don't know from HR.

13. Feel and inspect every single piece of fruit in the supermarket.

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