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11 Horror Stories That Prove You Should Probably Insure Your Jewelry

Because you don't know what you've got until it's gone.

We asked the BuzzFeed Community to tell us about "uh-oh" moments that happened with their engagement rings, and here's what they shared.

1. Searching the trash to find your treasure:

"I had been wearing my new engagement ring for three days while at work. I took my gloves off and saw something fly out of them. I looked down at my hand and saw my diamond fell out — before I had it insured, of course. I was standing over a drain at the time and was certain it fell down there. I’m on my hands and knees searching for this diamond while my heart is in my stomach. No luck. My coworker and I started digging through the garbage. When we got to the near-end of the garbage can, I told my coworker it’s a lost cause and just forget it. This old lady, who can barely see the computer screen, found my diamond at the bottom of the garbage can! I hugged her for the longest time."


2. Sailboats, sunscreen, and (almost) sunken rings:

"When planning to propose while on a sailboat, make sure the ring fits securely before applying sunscreen and almost throwing your new engagement ring off the side of the boat. Needless to say, my new fiancé almost died of a heart attack when I flung the brand-new, not-yet-insured engagement ring into the boat. Had I been facing the opposite direction, I would have flung it straight into the ocean and, as he so lovingly reminds me to this day, 'been SOL.'"

Shannon S.

3. Your ring is safer on your hand than in your wallet:

"One weekend, my fiancé and I bought some bread and chai for breakfast at a bakery. On our way home, I placed my wallet inside the bag where the bread was. Upon finishing our meal, we threw the bag straight to the trash bin of our building. After an hour or two I noticed that my wallet was missing, we looked for it all over our place, but we didn't find it. At this point I was not yet admitting to my husband that our engagement ring was inside my wallet! We went back to the stores that we went to and checked their CCTV cameras in case I left it there or somewhere. We went back to our flat, and only then I remembered that it might be inside the bag that we threw out. Me, my husband, and two of other friends checked the pile of garbage. Luckily the stars aligned for us that day, and we found the bag where my wallet was. I told my husband that my ring was there only when we saw the wallet."

—Mia Montoya, Facebook

4. Honest people keep this world pure one good deed at a time:

"I have a store and make tutus. I had unexpected surgery, and so the night before I was trying to hurry and get my orders shipped out. Somehow my ring must have gotten caught on a tutu without me realizing! I mailed it off none the wiser and realized it was missing the next day while prepping for surgery, but had no idea where I lost it. Thank God for honest people because the customer mailed it back to me!"

5. A heart-stopping movie premiere:

"I realized my engagement ring was missing while standing in line at midnight movie. Turns out I’d taken it off while putting product in my hair and forgotten to put it back on, but I couldn’t exactly text my fiancé and ask if he’d seen it... He then lost his wedding ring in the lake within a few months of getting married, so mine doesn’t seem so bad."

6. Hiding in the one place you didn't look:

"I once thought I lost my ring down the drain at my fiancé's apartment. His roommate was nice enough to clean the drain for it. Weeks later, a coworker found it behind the pizza oven at work."

7. Keep shiny things away from the bird:

"The day after he popped the question, I was sitting in my fiancé's mom's apartment scrolling through my phone. His mom has a bird that was sitting on my hand and pecking at my phone and just being really cute. Then he started to peck at my finger, and I shooed him off. I thought nothing of it until I was talking to my fiancé about it later, and I saw he pecked out one of the diamonds from my ring! We had to take our engagement pictures with the diamond missing, and it was never found."

8. Looking for a diamond in the rough:

"When I was about 8 years old, my sister, who was a difficult child and would often fight with my parents, just took the ring from my mother and threw it from her room into the neighbor's garden! Guess who had to spend the day crawling through bushes?"


9. Before you panic, check your pockets:

"I had been engaged for about a week and I was still getting used to wearing my gorgeous ring, so I was doing some dishes at work, took it off, and slipped it in my pocket. I leave work and catch a public bus home — when close to my stop, I look down at my hand and notice my ring missing! Of course I start freaking out, and everyone looks at me like I'm nuts. My stop arrived, and I had no choice but to get off the bus, tears streaming down my face. I suddenly remembered I had done dishes, reached my hand into my pocket, and there it was! I was so relieved that I didn't have to tell my now-husband that I lost the ring!"


10. Never leave your valuables in a checked bag:

"My fiancé decided to put the ring in his luggage and check it in for a long-haul flight. Fast-forward 11 hours, and as we land an announcement saying that his bag wasn't on the plane plays out. Being super selfish, I was so grateful it wasn't mine because his 'only had a couple of clothes in it.' Props to my fiancé for staying super calm and not giving the game away until his bag thankfully turned up four days later — fortunately with the ring still in it!"

—Ceri Anderson, Facebook

11. When tide gets high, keep searching on:

"My wife, then fiancé, and I were on vacation in the Outer Banks the year before we got married. I was messing around in the ocean (yes, the Atlantic one), and, while standing in the surf, I took off my jewelry to hand to her for safekeeping. I took my engagement ring off first and dropped it directly into the outgoing tide. I saw the ring go up the shore with the next wave – and then it was gone. During the flight home, I remembered seeing a blog about beach hunting and sent a Hail Mary email to the address at the bottom of the blog, explaining the situation and noting that if the author could go take a look in the area, I would be forever grateful. He said that if I had any further information regarding the exact location, he would try to make it out there and, if not, he would ask his friends to secure the area until winter when he could go out. I responded with the exact location, the time of day, level of the tide, etc. The following afternoon, the man responded and said: 'Turn around and click your heels three times. I have your ring.'"

—Ashley Nance, Facebook

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