Lessons From Fresh Prince That I Will Teach My Son

Of course my parents taught me all types of stuff, but these are specifically from THE Fresh Prince!

1. Don’t fall in love because of her looks…it could turn out bad!

2. Bring a map wherever you go

Oh…and there will be times like this, but be strong.

3. Just because another teammate is ballin out…

You don’t have to ruin it for everyone else.

4. Even if you fight with your family/friends…make up!

5. Have a good proposal when the time is right…

but don’t do too much.

6. Don’t be a dead beat dad…seriously

This get’s me every time!

7. How to fight

or at least how to dodge a good hook.

8. The importance of…Cars

“Ask your momma” seems like a valid response here.

9. Know who you are

Slap who tells you different!

10. Don’t test your Momma

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