• 1. Sleeping With the Enemy

    Sleeping With the Enemy

    We are all familiar with the existence of a certain antipathy between dogs and cats, a canine/feline friction that gave birth to the oft used phrase ‘”fight like cats and dogs.” Yet the the unlikely pairings pictured below show us that the two ever popular pets can indeed coexist in harmony, much to the delight of cute animal picture lovers everywhere. Awwwww!!! Link

  • 2. Elephants Drawing Self Portraits

    Elephants Drawing Self Portraits

    Just when you thought the boundaries of animal intelligence had been exhausted, this video appears, displaying an adult Thai elephant painting an image of an elephant holding a flower with more grace and alacrity than the average adult human. Link

  • 3. Dog Surfing

    Dog Surfing

    Gracie shows no fear as he shreds some serious ocean swells alongside his trainer, Ty Gurney, who runs a famed Surf School on the property of the legendary Hyatt Regency Waikiki Beach Resort.

  • 4. Whale Dancing to Mariachi Band

    Whale Dancing to Mariachi Band

    Apparently some whales are as much of fans of spirited mariachi music as I am when I’m five Patron shots deep at a Cinco de Mayo blowout. A new video gone viral of a Beluga whale “dancing” along to a Mariachi band during a wedding reception in Connecticut has given new meaning to the power of the live band! Link

  • 5. Einstein The Talking Bird

    Einstein The Talking Bird

    Check out this clip from animal planet’s pet star show where Einstein the talking African Grey Parrot has became famous for her ability to recreate sounds as well as voices.

  • 6. Dying their Hair

    Dying their Hair

    Chinese Fad – Dying Dogs To Look Like Other Animals. Link

  • 7. Monkey Panhandling

    Monkey Panhandling

    A trained Macaque monkey takes part in a street performance in Jakarta, Indonesia. These trained street performers, known colloquially as “topeng monyet”, are chained to cages in certain city centers or “monkey villages”, where the animals are trained to behave in manners that will entertain passerby and hopefully earn the owners some spare change.

  • 8. Sky Diving

    Sky Diving

    Ten year old Otis has been a regular jumper at the Lodi Parachute Centre in Acampo, Los Angeles for nearly a decade, and according to his owner Will DaSilva, the daring dog can’t get enough. Outfitted in a specially made harness and “doggles” to protect his peepers, Otis shows almost no signs of nerves as he awaits his turns to jump out of a plane at an altitude of over 3000 feet. In fact, he often falls asleep during the planes steady ascent. Link