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Floyd Mayweather plus Rift Raft Crew at The Bellagio

Awww shit when I say a flood of people came at once I swore I thought it was a rapper coming over with his entourage, a flock of hoes, and a security team. But no it wasn’t ladies and gents now occupying the table next to us is Floyd Mayweather Jr OMG. I’m not going to act like I watch sports or anything but I do watch MTV and I love me some Cribs. More than that I loved Floy Mayweather’s house on cribs and that’s where I wish he stayed. What a fucking mess, this is the reason they raised the maintenance fee at my last condo to keep rift raft like that out of it. I wish The Bank had the same policy because Floyd and his rift raft crew came over and ghettofied the immediate area. I’m talking for just one person four security guards, a Gucci messenger full of cash(bad credit much), ten busted ass hoes with good bags(think Rainbow clothes with Vuitton bags), eight guys who wished they were him, and another set of groupies trying to get knocked up by the Head Rift Raft.

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