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  • Best Dressed from The MET Ball

    The best dressed list from The Metropolitan Museum of Art Costume Institute Gala 2009 including Katie Perry, Anna Wintour, Heidi Klum, Ashley Olsen, Donal Trump and Donna Karan to name a few.

  • Is Carine Roitfeld Replacing Anna Wintour?

    As you may be aware of Anna Wintour’s contract at Vogue is due to expire at the end of the year. Now rumor has it that she could be possibly replaced by French Vogue Editor Carine Roitfeld. This scene is straight out of The Devil Wears Prada. Now i just hope that Andrea got to her soon enough to warn her.

  • Sex and the City Movie Sequel

    During an interview with the Daily Express Sarah Jessica Parker confirmed that a sequel is in the works. Unlike Miranda and Charlotte, Carrie will not be a mom anytime soon.Click here to read the entire post.

  • Studio 21:Best Tattoo Shop in Las Vegas

    I recently stumbled upon Studio 21 Tattoo Gallery, which resembles a boutique more than a tattoo parlor. When I first walked in I thought I was being Punk’d because the place was so clean and the people were so friendly especially Courtney. I’m sure she thought I was crazy for asking her a million questions but I just wanted to get some info on the place so I could share it with my readers. Studio 21 Tattoo Gallery is a family run business and has been in Las Vegas since 2003. The Spencer family is comprised of the mom Becki, the son Austin, the daughter Courtney and the dad Charlie. Mom runs the business, Dad is an artist at the shop, Courtney run the front desk and Austin is the Owner/Artist.

  • Stylista Throw Down

    Oh shit, so I know I’m not supposed to be watching Stylista but the season is set to record and its on my DVR. Anywho, I decided to play it in the background as I went about my day looking at stuff online to lust over and write about while drinking my tea. In the middle of a nice sip of my peach mango tea I hear a commotion in the background. It started with Kate (the bitch that quits everything) and how the team wanted to find a way to work with her since she’s a whiney little bitch who likes to complain about shit instead of it getting it done. Kate got all defensive and started screaming at Danielle (the fat girl). Side bar: My favorites were Devin and Johanna, while these hoes were going at it Devin was getting her nails did. Click on the Link to read more.

  • Get in My Hermes!

    To celebrate the 10 year anniversary of the Smart Car Hermes has lend its design aesthetic to car manufacturer the Como Group. The Fortytwo Edition Toile cars are available in 10 Hermes friendly colors including Hermes Orange, Gold and even lime green. Each car is complete with leather covered steering wheel and gear stick. The regular smart car retail’s for $12,000 USD while the Hermes version starts at $48,000. The launch event was held at the Grand Palais in Paris, a venue that has been used by Karl Lagerfeld for many Chanel showings

  • They Are Trying to Kill Obama!

    The Telegraph UK is reporting increased threats against President Elect Barack Obama, over 500 and counting. This is some Bull Shit, the Man hasn’t even given his inaugural speech yet 500 people have plotted to kill him. Where were these killers when Bush became President? I tell you what America what we’re going to do is give the man a damm try. We voted for change and change is what we will look forward to. As for the people who are planning to take him out, do yourself a favor and take yourself out instead. Click here to read the full article.

  • What Type of Friend Are You?

    The term “friend” gets more loosely thrown around than Paris Hilton at a gangbang. I think address books should come with more sub categories than Friend and Work, because there are almost a million “friend” types. There’s the Best Friend, The Friend with Limits, the Flakey Friend, The Fun Friend, The Needy Friend, The Emotional Friend , The Social Friend, The Friend by Association, The I don’t know if we’re friends but I always see them friend, The One Way Friend, The Crazy Friend and The Convenient Friend. No need to log onto Wikipidia for the descriptions, as they are right here.

  • Stylista Should Be Canceled!

    I firmly believe in the 3 strikes you’re out rule and with that being said Stylista it’s time for you to go. I just watched my third episode of the show and I’ve yet to find it interesting. This is coming from the guy who watches “How it’s made”. For those of you who aren’t familiar with the show let me give you a basic rundown. Every week they are paired into teams and each team has to come up with a page for the magazine. This week they had to come up with a mother daughter team picture from Anne Slowbitch’s niece party and built a trend page around it. Can you say B O R I N G?

  • Halloween in Las Vegas 2008

    OMG I swear everyone bottles up their inner demon and slut throughout the year and release it a out full blast on Halloween. Nobody is concerned with the best costume anymore its merely a game of who can show the most ass and tits and get away with it. Click Click Click to see images.

  • Movie: Valentino The Last Emperor

    Valentino: The Last Emperor, produced and directed by Matt Tyrnauer, Special Correspondent for Vanity Fair magazine, is an intimate and engaging fly-on-the-wall exploration of the singular world of one of Italy’s most famous men. The film documents the colorful and dramatic closing act of Valentino’s celebrated career, tells the story of his extraordinary life, and explores the larger themes affecting the fashion business today. At the heart of the film is the unique relationship between Valentino and his business partner and companion of 50 years, Giancarlo Giammetti. In production from June 2005 to July 2007, the filmmakers shot over 250 hours of footage with exclusive, unprecedented access to Valentino and his entourage. We were let in to the inner circle, but we had to stick it out for a long time, practically move in, to capture the truly great moments, says Tyrnauer. Valentino is surrounded by a tight-knit family of friends and employees, but, eventually, their guard came down and they forgot there was a camera crew in the room.

  • Funny YouTube Video: HERE’S BIGEGO

    So my friend Sam or ISam as he is referred to now sent me to YouTube to find “class project”. LMAO, class project is a YouTube video done by YouTube member Ickest, in the skit he plays everyone in the class project. The main character in the skit is a feisty little gay one who calls himself “Bigego” because he has a Big Ego.It’s super funny and worth the watch. Anyhow Ickest and Bigego has come out with a new video “Here’s Bigego”. I wont spoil it by giving too many details but before you watch the video I suggest you swallow all liquids. First watch “class project 003” then “Here’s Bigego”.

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