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11 Genius Packing Tricks You Wish You Had Thought Of First

Packing doesn't have to be terrible. With these pack hacks, you'll be sealing that suitcase in no time. Plus, if you fly JetBlue, your first bag flies free.* It doesn't get any easier.

Trying to pack?

This list will help you pack like a professional. Don't worry your pretty little head.

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1. Don't have a camera case?

Anne Louise Korallus-Shapiro

Use a soap box to prevent scratches.

2. Bringing a nice button-down?

Anne Louise Korallus-Shapiro

Wrap shirts in tissue paper to prevent wrinkling. Try to also bring blends containing nylon, elastane, or polyester, which all resist wrinkling.

3. Is your makeup bag too bulky?

Anne Louise Korallus-Shapiro

Bring Q-tips with your favorite eye shadow on them.

4. Worried about small jewelry getting lost in your bag?

Anne Louise Korallus-Shapiro

Put rings or earrings in an old tin box.

5. Want to keep your favorite necklace knot-free?

Anne Louise Korallus-Shapiro

Put the necklace through a straw to keep it intact.

6. Don't want your shoes touching your clothing?

Anne Louise Korallus-Shapiro

Pack your shoes in shower caps. And stuff a dryer sheet in them to keep them fresh.

7. Having trouble keeping your cords tame?

Anne Louise Korallus-Shapiro

Roll them up and store them in a glasses case.

8. Don't want to bring the whole bottle of something?

Anne Louise Korallus-Shapiro

Put chapstick, lotion, or concealer in contact cases.

9. Having trouble getting rolled-up clothes to stay?

Anne Louise Korallus-Shapiro

Add rubber bands.

10. Is stuff still not fitting in your suitcase?

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If the clothing is thin, try folding it and placing it in sideways.

11. Wondering if you brought too much? Consult a friend. They'll set you straight.

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Nothing makes packing easier than knowing that your first bag flies free.*

*Weight and size limits & exceptions for itineraries including flights marketed or operated by other airlines apply.