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The 50 Most Beautiful Shots Taken Out Of Airplane Windows

You'd think that the limiting space of an airplane window would mean that a good photo is virtually impossible to capture, but these photos will certainly prove you wrong. If it's beautiful scenery you're after, tune in to watch "Get Away With It," a live online game show brought to you by JetBlue Getaways. With 25 fabulous grand prize vacation packages to Cancun, Turks & Caicos, and more, you won't want to miss it. Live June 18–22.

1. Rio de Janeiro

2. Barbados

3. The Alps

4. Grand Canyon

5. Chicago, Illinois

6. Maldives

7. Venice, Italy

8. Mount Fuji, Japan

9. Sydney, Australia

10. Madrid, Spain

11. Sao Paulo, Brazil

12. Oahu, Hawaii

13. New Mexico

14. Ostgronland, Greenland

15. Iceland

16. Caribou Island, Lake Superior

17. Thames River, England

18. Dubai, United Arab Emirates

19. Coconino, Arizona

20. Baltimore, Maryland

21. Palawan, Phillippines

22. Upstate New York, USA

23. Somewhere between Manila, Phillippines and Davao, Phillippines

24. Heathrow, England

25. British Columbia, Canada

26. California, USA

27. Ontario, Canada

28. New Westminster, British Columbia, Canada

29. Saskatchewan, Canada

30. Seattle, Washington

31. Madrid, Spain

32. Mount Rainier in Washington, USA

33. El Segundo, California

34. Carson Mesa, Arizona

35. London, England

36. Nördlingen, Germany

37. Argentina

38. Grand Canyon, Arizona

39. Diamond Head in O'ahu, Hawaii

40. Power Plant in Utah

41. Mojave Desert, California

42. Buenos Aires, Argentina

43. Nevada, USA

44. The Bahamas

45. Vietnam

46. Circle Farms in Saudi Arabia

47. Switzerland

48. Rocky Mountains, USA

49. Croatia

50. Baffin Island, Canada