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13 Reasons Why Boston Is The Greatest American City

The parking situation is garbage, but other than that, Boston is flawless.

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1. It's one of the most tolerant cities in the country.

It wasn't that long ago that Boston was considered a hive of intolerance of all kinds, but the city has turned its reputation around in record time, as Massachusetts not only became the first state to sanction same-sex marriage, but the mayor famously banned Chick-Fil-A from the city when the restaurant chain took an overt anti-gay stance.

3. Every famous comedian got their start there.

OK, maybe not every famous comedian, but it does seem like most of them were either born in the Boston area or started their career there. Just ask Amy Poehler, Conan O'Brien, Louis C.K., Jay Leno, Steven Wright, Denis Leary, Patrice O'Neal, Dane Cook, B.J. Novak, Mike Birbiglia, Bill Burr, and the ghost of Ben Franklin (well, not technically a comedian, but he was funny and weird).

4. It's the cradle of the Revolution.

Library of Congress / Via

So basically we invented modern democracy. If it weren't for the Boston Tea Party and the Minutemen, the rest of America would still be speaking English (with a fancy British accent). And speaking of Ben Franklin, guess who drew the above picture? (Hint: It's Ben Franklin.)

6. People there are wicked smaht.


It's not that the average Bostonian is smarter than the average American. But Boston is home to a lot of people who are anything but average. Between M.I.T., Harvard, and the city's booming biotech industry, it's unquestionable that as you read this, there's a genius in a lab somewhere discovering something that will save the world.

7. Two words: Big Papi.

Rebecca Butala / Via Getty Images

One of the greatest and most beloved athletes in the history of the sport, David Ortiz not only continues to laugh in the face of Father Time (he had one of his best years in 2013, at age 37), but in the wake of the Marathon Bombings inspired the nation with an emotional, expletive-laced inspirational speech to rally the city...

...and even the notoriously jittery FCC was immediately on board.

12. The Charles River is one of the most swimmable urban rivers in America.

Justin Jensen (CC BY http://2.0) / Via Flickr: justinjensen

If you were in Boston even a few years ago, you probably think this is a typo or a joke. It's not.

The pollution level of the Charles was so notorious that it inspired the most famous song ever written about Boston. Now? Go ahead and take a swim.

13. It’s Titletown.

Clockwise from top left: Ethan Miller / Getty Images; Donald Miraelle / Getty Images; Elsa / Getty Images; Winslow Townson / Getty Images

The 20th Century was not, broadly speaking, the best time to be a Boston sports fan. But now they're making up for lost time (for crying out loud, the Sox have three championships in 10 years — THREE!). For nearly a century, Boston fans were pitied worldwide for being plucky, brave fans of teams that always lost. Now, Boston fans are hated worldwide for being loud and cocky fans of teams that do nothing but win. Having lived through both pity and hate... we'll take hate every time.

Long story short: Boston is the best. And that’s why JetBlue is proud to serve the area with the most nonstops into and out of Boston.